Komodo Dragons

By:Elijah Miller


Komodo dragons are very silent and it is a lizard/dinosaur.

They can grow up to 10 feet long. Komodo dragon

can live up to 50 years old. They are very sly.

Komodo dragons are very fast they can run up

to 12 miles per hour. Komodo dragons can grow lots

of dead skin a week/month.


Komodo dragons eat anything that they can

find. Komodo dragons have a poison spit if that spit

gets on you, you can run away from them but the komodo dragon

can track you down and you will die by the time the komodo dragon

finds you. Komodo dragon can eat a another

komodo dragon.

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Komodo dragons live in hot islands

near Australia most of them live on a

island called Komodo island the komodo island

is hot out there so komodo dragons are

always hot or sometimes komodo dragons

live in hot burros for they can lay there eggs

for nobody eats them.

Conservation status

Komodo dragons are always in danger

because there could be another

komodo dragon somewhere by and just

like I said.

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Komodo dragons can get very bored.

So you can hide food from the komodo dragon

to let the komodo dragon find its food

for the komodo dragon does not get bored.