Andrew Jackson: Hero or Zero?

Andrew "The Zero" Jackson

The Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson passed two tariffs during his presidency. The Tariff of 1828 and The Tariff of 1832, the South was furious because of this which made sense because back then they relied on agriculture and had to import a lot of their products just for the benefit for the North. The South started protesting and South Carolina even threatened to secede if they didn't nullify the Tariffs. Andrew Jackson threatened to come down there and hang their leader John Calhoun who happened to be Jackson's Vice President. The South and S.C. stopped protesting and the North lowered the price of the Tariffs and peace was regained in the conflict.

The Indian Removal Act

The Cherokees lived in Southeastern United States, specifically Georgia. The land was so desirable because there was more land to grow cotton and there was the discovery of gold. Andrew Jackson wanted this land, but the Supreme Court said Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokee Nation. Jackson ignored this and had Congress make a law called the "Indian Removal Act" that "exchanged" land with The Cherokees and Jackson signed it. This forced the Natives to move to Oklahoma and led to "The Trail of Tears."

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was caused by the Indian Removal Act. The Trail of Tears was the event where The Cherokees had to walk all the way from Georgia to Oklahoma. It is called the Trail of Tears because there were harsh winters and about half of all Cherokees died, making it a horrible and depressing time for the Native Americans. There was nothing the Natives could do because they knew the Americans were stronger and had better weapons. Andrew Jackson showed that he was more powerful than the Native Americans and doesn't care about other societies besides his own.
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Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency
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Political Cartoon Meaning

This cartoon illustrates the effect the Indian Removal Act had on the Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee Nation has been destroyed by Andrew Jackson. And he doesn't care and is trying to get rid of the Native Americans. The meaning behind this political cartoon is that Andrew Jackson is a evil person that is willing to destroy someone's nation for more land in his nation.