A Christmas Carol

By: Ngawang Namru Hr.6

The book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is about a miserly, greedy old man who gets a second chance to change his ways in the form of three ghosts who haunt him. If you chose to read the book it gives you more backstory for the characters and makes the story easier to understand. For example, watching the play can make you overwhelmed by all of the sudden details that you may not remember and make it less enjoyable. Also, reading the book can let you learn more of the language used during the Victorian Era. For example, the play dropped out some of the dialogue from the book like when the poor couple was talking thankfully about Scrooge's death. Lastly, you should read the book so you can witness Scrooge change his ways. At the start, Scrooge was very mean-spirited and hated Christmas, but afterwards through the meeting of the three ghosts he turns into a kind and compassionate man. In conclusion, I enjoyed the book because of the more backstory and language I could find during Scrooge's quest.

Sacrifices Made

In the book The Christmas Carol, Scrooge had to sacrifice his ignorance during the visits by the three ghosts of Christmas. He learned that if he did not change his selfish ways he would die alone. A sacrifice I have made was when I had to live in India for 2 months. I had to stay in a boarding school away from my family and friends to learn the Tibetan language.