The Challenger Dispatch

Spet. 21-25, 2015 BLUE week

Nice Work!

I was very inspired by the work we did together on Friday afternoon. I felt you all took to heart the work we are embarking upon to become more culturally responsive in our teaching and interactions with parents, community, and each other. Our first step is with ourselves, and your reflections and conversations once again lead me to feel very blessed to be able to work with such an awesome group of individuals and educators! Thank you!

Collaboration meetings this week

Monday, Sep. 21st, 12am

Conference Room

This week in collaboration, we will be talking and getting set for instructional rounds that will take place. We will not be observing yet, but setting the stage for upcoming events. K & 3rd grade - I will need to reschedule with you due to a conflict in my schedule.

D.S.T. Tidbits (Discipline, Safety, and Technology)


I can’t remember if it was Friday but during a recent faculty discussion someone brought up motivating the unmotivated student. As we all know this can lead to problems in the classroom. The article below reinforces the importance of three common themes we’ve talked about at Challenger to help motivate students: relationships, feedback, and relevance.

Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves | Edutopia


Be sure to complete your HCS SafeSchools trainings. Four training had deadlines of August 31st and two have approaching deadlines of September 30th.


Class Dojo it has a new feature (Class Story) that is explained in the link below:

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Use ClassDojo's New Class Story Feature

If you know about this feature and using it send me an email about your experience so I can share it with others.


Club Plans Due

Wednesday, Sep. 23rd, 4pm

13555 Chaney Thompson Road Southeast

Huntsville, AL

Your lesson plans and Welcome letter are due to Michele by Wednesday.

PBL Staff Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 23rd, 2:45pm

Media Center

Essential Elements and next steps

Add Grades to INow

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 12am

13555 Chaney Thompson Road Southeast

Huntsville, AL

Be sure to add grades by Thursday of each week. Andrain and I will run spot checks. If you are having trouble, please don't hesitate to contact us or Steven Miller for help. Please remember that you and your teammates need to have similar activities, plans, and grades.


Friday, Sep. 25th, 12:30pm

The Gym and classrooms

Bring students down to the gym by 12:30 with their name tags on. They are to locate their club and teachers by the signs that will be posted throughout the gym. Clubs will then go the the rooms they will be using. Please return all students to the gym at 1:50 on this first day to make sure all students are returned to homeroom teachers by 2:00.

By Wednesday, you should have your Club roster and a roster of your homeroom with Club locations indicated for each student.

As of today, we only have one class with all Club notices turned in :-\