Po ken City

" why have one while you can have them all in one !! "

Come get what you need

Here in Po Ken city we have a Mixed Economy where we offer both Socialism and Capitalism. Po Ken city gets the goods and services which benefits most to our people need.

The Facts

  • Both the economies can decide whether to be private or public to the people.
  • Our government comes in for help for social aims
  • The economy system more efficient to socialism than capitalism
Mixed Economy


Our economy always think what's better for the people of Po ken city, so we simply give them a choice in where to pick not just one economy !!

Here in Po ken city we have all that include ;



and Traditional Economies

Not feeling publicity ???

Here we have PRIVATE also !!!

Big image

At the end we all benefit each other

However the government might as well be included for we are only trying to " protect " the goods and services that the people buy and giving the city a peaceful place to live in.

but do remember ...

" Why have one while you can have them all !! "

Ashly Hernandez ... Period 5th