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Welcome back

The new school year has started and we have plenty of news to share. Library staff was busy over the summer processing the new Science and English textbook adoption. We welcome the English department as they make the transition from print to digital textbooks. Our school library will soon be fully staffed. The school board voted on August 8th to restore librarians to full-time status. We thank the board for this decision and look forward to offering once more those programs and services you have come to expect from us. Please share your ideas on how to deepen the librarian-classroom teacher partnership.

What is new?

PBS Video Collection
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All about PBS Video Collection

"This collection of more than 1,200 streaming videos provides an exceptional range of content with the most valuable video documentaries and series from PBS. From science to history, art to Shakespeare, diversity to business and economics, and more, the PBS Video Collection: Fourth Edition gives your patrons access to one of television’s most trusted networks."

What titles are in the collection?

How can I use this resource?

Possible Ideas

  • In-class use to introduce a topic. It can be part of a warm-up exercise.
  • Provide students background or context on a topic.
  • Engage with students who are visual learners.
  • Spark critical thinking and encourage applied learning.

How can I access it?

Click here if you are on campus.

If you plan on accessing from home, use the login below.

username: ranchodelrey

password: 1174East!