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Sharing Great News with our AWesome Staff!

Formative Assessment Techniques

At our GLC meeting this week we discussed possible professional development topics and instructional tips that would be helpful to provide to staff. Formative assessment techniques was an idea mentioned on the staff survey I sent out in July as a topic that staff is always interested in learning more about. I will plan to use this section of our weekly staff update to list 2-3 instructional strategies each week. I am sure that you are already familiar with some of these, but hopefully this can serve as refresher or a way to spark new ideas to use with our students. Please share any great tips you have so I can include them! Thanks!

Formative Assessment Strategies for:

During Ohio Educators Technology Conference, the Deans shared a great resource containing various ways and tools to utilize technology for formative assessments. I plan to showcase 2-3 tools for the next few weeks. Please give them a try and let me know how they go!

Google Forms (Flubaroo)

  • Create an assessment
  • Enters into a spreadsheet that with an add on can self grade!
  • Extremely user friendly

Quia Web

  • Has many pre-made quizzes, activities, surveys


  • Create Quiz
  • Hide From Students until you are ready
  • Students receive immediate feedback
  • Can be a tough learning curve

If you use any of these strategies, please share with me how it went! Student work samples are also welcomed! Thank you for your commitment to professional growth!

Events for the Week of February 15th-February 19th

Dates to Remember

Sunday, February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you spend it with all the people you love!

Monday, February 15th: No School

Tuesday, February 16th: 2 Hour Delayed Start

Wednesday, February 17th: Jamie @ Principal's mtg 8am-10am

Thursday, February 18th: Bucket Filling Store

Friday, February 19th: Bucket Filling Store

Monday, February 22nd: Jackie Smith OTES Pre-obs conf @ 8am

Tuesday, February 23rd: Sheri Ansted informal eval @ 10am

Tuesday, February 23rd: Jackie Smith OTES obs @ 11:20am

Thursday, February 25th: Leslie Lee informal obs @ 9am

Thursday, February 25th: Sheri Ansted informal eval post conf @ 12:30pm

Friday, February 26th: Jackie Smith OTES Post Conf @ 8am

Friday, February 26th: Leslie Lee informal post conf @ 9:15am

Monday, February 29th: WPA mtg @ 7pm

Tuesday, March 15th: Full Day Professional Development Day

Wednesday, March 16th: Kay & Paulus Orthodontics presentations

Thursday, March 17th: Third Grade Music Program 2:00pm and 7:00pm

General Information

* Huge congratulations to Mrs. Snyder's third grade class who earned the right to be called CHAMPIONS in the Lucas County SumDog Competition! We are very proud of the moxie and grit they showed to earn the highest accuracy in the county. Special note and congratulations to Mrs. Prayer's class for finishing in fourth place. AWesome job!

*Some neat GRIT facts from Teresa E.: I spoke to my students today about GRIT when learning about Dr. Seuss. Thought I'd pass along the information :)

Dr. Seuss had to edit his writing 27 times before his first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was published. He was also rejected by 43 different book companies.

It's neat to share that such a famous author, also had to show GRIT. Because of his determination, there have been more than 100 million copies of his books sold!

* Kay & Paulus Orthodontics office will be here on Wednesday March 16 to present Dental Health to our 1st through 4th graders. I'm not ignoring our Kindergartners healthy teeth, they have their own presenter coming in:)

11:45am- 12:15pm 3rd grade

12:15pm- 12:45pm 4th grade

12:50pm- 1:20pm 2nd grade

1:30pm- 2:00pm 1st grade

*Here are some additional, Ohio specific, standards apps. You should be able to click on the link below (while on your respective device) and download the app.

iPhone App:


iPad App:


*Please remind families that breakfast is not served to the students on a 2-Hour Delayed

Start Day. Thanks!

*Please remember to sign up to observe one of your colleagues. Everyone has received their golden pirate booty and tickets! Let the fun begin!!!

Updated Building Goal #1

At our GLC meeting we discussed the updating of Building Goal #1 to ensure that it accurately reflects what we hope to achieve this school year. Below is the updated goal:

Goal 1: During the 2015-2016 school year, 100% of the Waterville teaching staff will effectively implement technology skills, provide exposure to online/digital content, and allow time for student practice to help prepare and demonstrate the necessary skills required for state AIR testing and mastery of grade level curricular expectations, as measured by student progress reports, quiz scores, and AIR student scores.

"Staff Only" Areas

Please remember to be considerate of "Staff Only" areas in our school that students (and own children) need to stay out of. These areas include the staff lounge, staff work room (unless the child is participating in morning announcements), unsupervised children in classrooms/hallways outside of school day hours, and behind the office counter. We all greatly appreciate your help in maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of these spaces.

Updated OTES timeline

Formal OTES timeline:

First observation completed by 1/15/16

Second Observation completed by 3/25/16

SLO Scoring Template due to Jamie by 4/8/16

Final STAR testing for SGM due to Jamie by 4/8/16

Entire process completed by 5/1/16 (written report provided to teacher with results of evaluation)

Informal OTES timeline:

Staff only needing: Professional Growth Plan, Observation, and Meeting:

Observation and meeting completed by 2/26/16

BGSU Student Teacher Matching-DATE CHANGED

We have scheduled a BGSU matching evening on March 2nd from 4:00pm-6:00pm for teachers interested in mentoring a methods/student teacher next school year. You will have the opportunity to interview teacher candidates and match with one. This event will be hosted at Waterville for all 3 primary buildings. Please let me know if you have any questions.

SLO Schedule


Here is the timeline for SLOs this year...

11/9: SLOs Due to Building Principal: COMPLETED!

11/10: Elementary Committee Meets to Review SLOs: COMPLETED!

11/13: SLOs returned to teachers:COMPLETED!

11/18: SLO's needing revisions returned to Building Principal-COMPLETED!

11/20: Revised SLOs reviewed by committees-COMPLETED!

11/21: Revised SLOs returned to teachers-COMPLETED!

AIR Testing:

Below are three links related to testing. The first is simply the log in for AIR. You may want to bookmark that as we will be using that frequently in the months to come.

The second is a link to the PDF of the test administrator user guide.

The third is an actual test administrator certification course. It is pretty good. AIR works basically the same as it did last year with some minor modifications.

Log In URL:

Test Administrator User Guide:
User Guide

Test Administration Certification Course:
Certification Course