The Greek myth of how evil was brought into the world.

The creation of Pandora

Pandora was the first human woman to be made. She was created by Hephaestus and Athena on the orders of Zeus. Besides her being created by the two goddesses, other gods and goddesses contributed as well. She was molded out of the earth for punishment of Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire. Prometheus then stole Pandora and forced her to marry Epithemeus, his brother. As a wedding present, Each god and goddesses gave her "gifts" in a jar (but is translated to box).

the Gifts

Each god gave Pandora a different trait. Hephaestus molded her form out of clay. Athena clothed her and taught her dexterity. Athena also taught her how to spin. Aphrodite gave her beauty. Apollo gave her musical talent and the ability to heal. Demeter taught her how to tend a garden. Poseidon gave her a pearl necklace and the ability to never drown.


Pandora's Box

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