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Special Edition, BCSD E-Brief, August 14, 2019,


Important Reminder about Traffic Safety on the Fox Lane Campus

We need your assistance to ensure the safety of our students, parents, and all visitors to our Fox Lane Campus.

The volume of traffic during Fox Lane High School and Middle School afternoon dismissal is significant and poses a safety concern. You received a letter from Dr. Miller, High School Principal, and Mrs. Ostrofsky, Middle School Principal, last week advising of changes in the traffic flow and timing for dismissal. That letter and a diagram are below.

The new traffic flow:

  • Prioritizes the efficient and safe movement of school buses over other vehicles.

  • Does not allow the mixing of passenger cars and school buses.

  • Ensures emergency vehicles can access the campus by keeping the traffic circle and both bus loops free of passenger vehicles and by maintaining an open lane for traffic.

Please review the following. These are critical to maintaining the safety of our students, staff, and visitors to the campus:

  • Follow the set traffic pattern. Do not attempt to bypass the traffic pattern with k-turns, pulling into closed parking lots, or any other method.

  • If you pick up your child up from school, it is best to arrive at FL campus at approximately 2:45 p.m. and you will avoid any inconvenience of waiting in line.

  • Follow the instructions of any school employee directing traffic. NEVER address these staff members; they are busy ensuring everyone's safety. Be patient; they are doing an important and difficult job the best they can.

  • Be patient and drive slowly while entering, traveling on, and exiting the campus. There are simply more cars than the driveways can handle efficiently.
  • DO NOT arrange with your child to meet anywhere other than the designated pick-up areas. Students may not walk or run through traffic. Students must be picked up at the designated pick-up location for each school.

  • DO NOT attempt to enter any parking area that is blocked with cones or a traffic horse.

  • Be alert for pedestrians on campus.

  • Expect traffic back-ups and plan your schedule accordingly.

  • Consider the benefits of your child using the school bus.

  • Yield to a school bus and never pass a school bus that has its red flashing lights on.

  • There is no parking in the bus loops of FLMS and FLHS during student arrival and dismissal times. This causes a significant safety hazard and impedes the staging of buses.

  • If you plan to visit the Central Office, FLMS, or FLHS, be aware that traffic will be halted between approximately 2:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m.

  • DO NOT MAKE A LEFT TURN when exiting the campus from the WEST exit; it is illegal and subject to law enforcement; it is also a significant safety hazard.

Parents, please take the time to review this letter with your student drivers. We appreciate your diligent cooperation to ensure our students, staff, and everyone who enjoys the Fox Lane campus stays safe and healthy.

An important letter from Mrs. Ostrofsky, FLMS Principal, and Dr. Miller, FLHS Principal

Traffic on the Fox Lane Campus

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you are enjoying the summer. In less than a month we will be heading back to school for another wonderful year.

This letter is to inform you of adjustments to the Fox Lane Campus dismissal protocols. These operational adjustments are based on the need to address safety concerns observed over the last several years. The district has recently conducted a safety study involving the traffic patterns during dismissal time at the Fox Lane Campus. Based on this study, the following changes will be in effect beginning on the first day of school:

  • Fox Lane Campus dismissal begins at approximately 2:20 PM and ends by 2:40 PM. During this time period, there will be minimal car movement on campus in order for buses to board and leave school in a timely manner, and to ensure that the traffic circle between Fox Lane Middle School (FLMS) and the District Administration Building (DAB) remains clear at all times for emergency vehicles.

  • You are not allowed to park in FLMS’s West parking lot or the DAB parking lot to pick up students at dismissal. These lots will be coned off from 1:45 PM until dismissal ends at approximately 2:40 PM.

  • You may continue to arrive early to FLMS and wait in the parking lot for dismissal. Once the FLMS parking lot is at capacity for pick-up, the lot will be closed, typically by 2:00 PM. Anyone who arrives after the lot is closed will have to wait in line before the traffic circle.

  • If you come to campus from the Fox Lane High School (FLHS) back entrance, be aware that car traffic will also be stopped at the front of the HS at approximately 2:25 PM to allow for buses to depart campus.

  • As a result of these changes, please know that if you pick up your child from FLMS and are unable to find a spot in the FLMS parking lot prior to the lot being closed, there is a strong possibility you may be waiting up to 20 minutes before you can leave campus once dismissal begins at 2:20 PM.

Attached is the photo to show the lots that will be closed, as well as where we will stop traffic on campus during this 20-minute window.

We are hopeful that with your cooperation, our clear protocols, and everyone's’ support, our dismissal will be safer for our students.


Dr. Brett Miller, FLHS Principal

Sue Ostrofsky, FLMS Principal

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