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Tournaments were mock fights or chivalrous competitions held on a grand scale as displays of power, prowess, and skill usually to entertain the king, his family, and the noblemen,



  • Tournaments first began in the 11th century in France. They first started as a way for knights to practice and improve their skills in combat without actually fighting, but gained popularity for entertainment as well as a source of public acclaim and money from winning. Chivalry was a moral, religious, and social code of knightly and courtly conduct.


  • Noble sat in wooden stands while commoners stood around the roped off area where the tournament would occur.
  • The activities in a tournament included all the skills a knight should have such as fighting of all kind. They even had contests for poetry and song, but the most popular events were jousting and melee combat.
  • Jousting was practiced between two knights who charged at each other from opposite ends of a field on horseback. The goal was to knock the other knight off his horse using a lance then swords or aces when those lances broke.
  • Melee combat was between two teams of knights and squires and the goal was to capture the flag each knight and squire carried on their back.
  • Serious injuries and death were common in tournaments.
  • There were three types of chivalry -- duties to countrymen, duties to God, and duties to women. These three areas intertwined often and were sometimes hard to distinguish.


  • Tournaments were extremely popular in the Medieval era, and still are popular topics today. Jousting is still practiced at fairs or for sport. Since tournaments were held on such a grand scale featuring banquets, feasts, and awards, they are remembered for their large amount of entertainment.


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