Friday Notes

September 11, 2020

Week One - CHECK!

After months of planning, revising, and more planning, we did it! The school's Reopening Committee worked diligently through the summer, drafting the plan we implemented at the start of this week. Staff and teachers creatively (and frugally!) made adjustments to the building, classrooms, and grounds to ensure the health and safety of our school community. Our students arrived prepared to follow our new procedures without losing sight of the excitement that only the first week of school can bring. Finally, our families have shown incredible trust and flexibility as we navigated those first few days. This has been a collective effort and without the full cooperation of each constituent, we would not be able to declare this first week back a success. THANK YOU!

Please Do Your Part!

While our first week has absolutely been a success, we need to make sure that we continue to adhere to the state's guidance regarding travel. Please continue to answer each health screening question honestly each morning:

  • Did your child take any non-essential trips to a yellow or red zone? Traveling to red or yellow zones requires a 14-day quarantine or a test after 7 days.
  • Is your child unwell or have any unexplained symptoms consistent with COVID-19? Please keep your children home if they are not feeling well. It will save you a trip to school to pick up midmorning or midday. It will also keep others healthy.
  • Did you administer fever-reducing medication/cough medicine to your child before arriving at school? This will impact our temperature screening and could put others at risk.
  • Has your child come in close contact with anyone you know has COVID-19? Close contact is defined as within 6-feet for 15 minutes or more.

We learned yesterday that individuals in Stowe schools may have been exposed to others who have tested positive for COVID-19. Reading this news after being in school less than a week was heartbreaking. I cannot stress this enough: we all must do our part to keep the risk to our community as low as possible. While I recognize that despite our best efforts, exposure is still possible, I am asking that we work to minimize this possibility. I know it's a lot to ask and that the disruption of our pre-COVID lives is tough. However, this pandemic requires us all to pitch in and do our part. Being in school five days per week for in-person learning is well worth the sacrifice!

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

We are shaving minutes off our time each morning and afternoon! Well done! Just a few reminders:

  • Students must remain in the vehicle until their health screenings are complete.
  • Parents: do not "cut" in line during drop off. If you see a line, wait your turn.
  • Ensure your students are ready to exit your vehicle once the screening is successfully completed. This allows us to move cars up and avoid a back up.
  • Don't idle: lungs are hard at work!
  • Please place your car magnet on the passenger side of your vehicle (or in a spot that is easily visible) at pick up. This helps us get your children out to your vehicle quickly.
  • Be sure your doors are unlocked and you are ready to receive your child.
  • Once your children are buckled, off you go!

Early Dismissals

If your child requires an early dismissal, we encourage you to consider the pick up line that typically begins forming at 2:30 each day. You may find yourself waiting in line and unable to retrieve your child at the time you had hoped. We ask parents who wish to retrieve their child early to park by the soccer fields and approach the main entrance of the school to alert us that you're here. Please take care when departing, as cars will be entering and forming a line. DO NOT drive against the flow of traffic; please continue counter clockwise slowly until you have left the circle.

Daily Updates

We will be adding a bit more content to our Daily Updates, delivered to your inbox Monday through Thursday. Be sure to check out the new additions next week!

PTO News

Would you like to join the PTO? Please let us know or join us at our first virtual meeting:

Monday, September 14th at 9:00 am

Please email for the Zoom link.

Pre-K Playground

Thanks to the generosity of the BJAMS PTO and the hard work of the Building and Grounds Committee: Ed Olsen, Brian Tomlinson, and Ed Leriche-Forkey for all the new play structures in the Pre-K playground.

BJAMS School Community Garden Project

This year, we are developing a garden project that will pave the road for years to come.

Starting on September 16th and happening every Wednesday during the After School Program from 3:30-4:30 through November 4th. Please see the ASP calendar for more detail on each segment.

Special thanks to:

The New England Grass Roots Seed Grant

The UVM Extension 4H Program (Lamoille County)

Green Mountain Landscaping

Michelle MacDonald, Master Gardener

Elly Ventura, Outreach Manager at Lamoille Solid Waste Management

The email format for all faculty and staff is our first initial followed by our last name (no dot or underscore)

* ASP Corner *

Exciting things are happening in BJAMS After School Program

Upcoming Enrichment Activities:

Monday- Role Playing Game with Mr. Stein

Tuesday- Learn to Knit with Mrs. Dunham

(Welcoming 3rd. graders and up)

Wednesday- The BJAMS Community Garden Project

Thursday- ART 101 with Mrs. Tomlinson

Friday- S.T.E.M- Creating Flying Objects with Mr. Stein

Stay tuned for our new ASP calendar.

Soccer Update from Coach Buczek

Hi BJAMS Families,

Bishop Marshall will start our fall soccer program on Monday, September 14th. Our soccer program will look a little different this season to ensure we remain in compliance with the most current COVID-19 guidelines. This season I will train all players in their respective age group once a week. All teams are co-ed.

Grade .........Day..............Time

1st & 2nd....Monday........3:20-4:30

3rd & 4th.....Tuesday.......3:20-4:30

5th & 6th.....Wednesday..3:20-4:30

7th & 8th.....Thursday......3:20-4:30

We ask that our players bring shin guards, facial coverings, a filled water bottle, and sneakers/cleats for the training sessions. Some of the training sessions might have to be moved to Friday so that I get a chance to enjoy some of my son's soccer matches. I will be sure to reach out in advance.

In the event our area can reach Step III in the next few weeks, we will consider scheduling matches, based on recommendations from our school nurse and medical resources. Our first priority is to keep school open for in-person learning five days per week and we do not want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Thank you,

Coach Bu

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Sep 16 - Community Garden Project starts

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Oct 13 - Picture Retakes

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