Where America's Day Begins

Let's celebrate good times in Guam

Guam is a very festive country with parties like the malojloj fiesta, Malesso Fiesta Tasi, Gupot y Peskadot, and Pastries in Paradise.

Holidays celebrated in Guam

Since Guam is a part of the U.S., it celebrates almost all of the celebrations the U.S. does. They celebrated New Year's, Christmas, and Thanksgiving like the U.S., but they celebrated their own special holidays like Guam Discovery Day, March 5, Liberation Day, July 21, All Soul's day, where they pray for the souls of the dead, Nov. 2, and Lady of Camarin Day, a patron saint who watches over Guam and the Marianas Isles, December 8.

Activities to do for fun

Major cities in Guam

Usually the capital of a country is the most populated, but that is not the case in Guam. Actually the most populated city in Guam is Dededo, located on a coral plateau. Next is Yigo and then Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon, the center of Guam's tourism.