Activities for Toddlers!!

By: Taslima Bacchus

Fingerpaint Fun!!

Toddlers love to express their artistic abilities and creativity. Fingerpainting is appropriate for toddlers at the age of 2-3. It helps toddlers develop their intellectual skills. Supplies needed for this activity is washable paint and paper.


Dancing to Music!!

Toddlers love to toddle around at this age now. They will love to dance around with you and as they dance they develop more physical skills,such as balance and coordination. Dancing to music is appropriate for toddlers at the ages of 1-3. All you need for this activity is a big space and MUSIC!!


Building a fort!!

Making a fort helps a toddler develop more physical skills and learn to share and cooperate with others. Todders at the age of 1-3 can participate in this activity. The supplies needed for building a fort are cushins and blankets. Making a fort will not only make the toddler happy but it will also bring you and your child or children closer together.


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Cloud Watching!!

Your little toddler(s) would develop a very active imgination at this stage and one way to help them see others things in different perspective is cloud watching. Cloud watching is a fun family activity that your toddler will enjoy. You canlook for things like a bunny on a bicycle, dragons, turtles, etc. Supplies needed for this is a blanket to lay on and maybe some binoculars.