The Three Mice

By Steven Wilcox

The Story

Once there were three blind mice that lived next door to the farmer and his wife along with several other neighbors. On day the farmer’s wife saw the three mice taking items for the neighbor’s house from her kitchen window. The neighbors returned home from work and noticed they had been robbed. They called the cops and upon there investigation they discovered the farmer’s wife had saw the three mice taking the items. The cops when to the three mice’s house and made the arrest after seeing some of the items in there house. Once taking them to jail it was decided that no bail would be set and that the three mice would remain in jail until their arraignment hearing. Two days later at the arraignment hearing the three mice was giving the indictment and was ask how they plea and if they wanted the represent themselves the three mice ask that the judge appoint them a public defender. The neighbors had the farmer’s wife subpoena to court to be a witness as to what she saw through her kitchen window. The judge told her to be sworn in and if she were to lie she could be charged with perjury. After all the testimony was done the grand jury decided the defendants would face prosecution on the charges against them but only as a misdemeanor because the amount of the stolen property was no valued enough to charge them with a felony. The district attorney offered a plea bargain to the three mice but the thought it was too harsh and declined. After all the testimony was done the petit jury came back with a verdict. The three mice just knew they would be acquitted of the crime because the thought the made a good case. But when the decision was read they were convicted of all charges. The three mice requested that the judge allow them to appeal the case to a later date and let them produce more evidence.