Aquatic Veterinarian

By: Hannah Carter

* Nature Of The Work

Aquatic veterinarians work with marine life and other sea life. They are basically doctors but for marine animals. Just like regular doctors take care of humans.

* Work Environment

As an Aquatic Veterinarian, you may or may not spend your days in and around water. Other Aquatic Veterinarians take the scuba plunge to evaluate animals in their natural habitat, at an aquarium, or in the zoo.

* Training Required

In order to become an aquatic veterinarian you need to have a bachelors degree to qualify for veterinary medical school. Aquatic veterinarians need a four-year degree from one of 28 u.s. schools accredited in veterinary medicine. The top 5 schools are University Of California, Cornell University, Colorado State University, North Carolina State University, Ohio State University. There is a four year program is much like any other medical program. During this program is when one could specialize in marine life. All vets need a state license to practice, in addition to the medical degree a test is required to acquire a vets license.

* Employment

The main job of an aquatic veterinarian is to provide and maintain a complete program of veterinary care for marine life. The aquatic vet deals with medical issues and daily care.

* Earnings

The average salary or an aquatic veterinarian is around $88,110. The top ten percent achieved an average of $142,910, and the lowest-earning ten percent received wages of $47,670.

* Related Occupations

Other jobs similar to aquatic veterinarians are Zoo veterinarians, small animal practitioners, large animal veterinarians, exotic veterinarians, and research veterinarians.

* Job Outlook

What do Aquatic Veterinarians do?

While doctors work to keep humans healthy and disease-free, Veterinarians offer the same treatments for our animal friends.They are licensed animal health professionals that are qualified to diagnose and treat a wide variety of marine species which can include fish, marine mammals, sea turtles, and other wildlife.