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Antrim Elementary School November 12, 2021

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thank you, veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, we thank all of those who have served and protected our country.

Turkey Trot Rain Date

The new date for the AES Turkey Trot will be Friday, 11/19, on the Town Field from 2:00 - 3:00. Families are welcome to join us. They can set up along the street side of the field to cheer on our runners. We will hope to see you next Friday.


ConVal is hiring substitute teachers. If you are interested, click here for the job description and application.
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Fun with letters in kindergarten

The Kindergartners in Ms. Lawler's room have been hard at work this year learning the names of all of the capital and lowercase letters as well as the sounds that each letter makes. We practice our letters in all sorts of fun ways including tossing letter beanbags into hoola hoops! We also put our new knowledge of letters to the test each morning by working together to fill in missing parts of the morning message. The students are learning so much in such a short time. Some students have gone from knowing less than 10 letter names at the beginning of the year to now knowing 45 capital and lowercase letter names! They are an amazing group of learners!

Kindergarten learners know their shapes

Miss Lescarbeau's class started learning about shapes! We looked at many different shapes and shared what we noticed about them. We compared and contrasted them. We then used our special detective glasses to go on a shape hunt around our room! We found lots of different things to represent our shapes. We will continue to work with our shapes over the next few weeks and create different pieces of art with our shapes.
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Muzart News

In Muzart we have been focusing on rhythms and performance etiquette using percussion instruments. We begin each class with a warm up and end each class with some movement and dancing. In the photo, you will see Kindergarten musicians taking some "Rainbow Breaths" to begin class in the green zone for self regulation.
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2nd grade thanks veterans

Grade 2 students in Mrs .DiFolco's class honored veterans by making cards to send to the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton,NH. The students had great conversations about what it means to be a veteran, the different branches of the military as well as the various services veterans provided to our country! Thank you Veterans!

Mrs. Sullivan's class made the connection to bravery and wrote about a time when they were brave. We are all grateful for the bravery of those who have served and continue to do so.

classroom amplification systems at aes

We are excited to share that our classrooms received an upgrade this week with classroom amplification systems. Most research indicates that classroom amplification systems have a positive impact on students’ levels of academic achievement and speech recognition and listening abilities. Studies have also found that the use of classroom amplification systems results in an improved classroom environment, as evidenced by increased student attention, fewer distractions, and increased on-task behavior. This upgrade was funded by a school improvement grant (CSI), and we are looking forward to the many benefits this technology will offer.

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