Allergy Testing

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The Basics of Allergy Testing

If your physician suspects you have one or more allergies, he or she will likely recommend further testing. During these tests, the skin will be exposed to those items that are believed to be allergens. The physician then watches the patient to see if an allergic reaction occurs. Any person who may need this type of testing should contact the Denton Combs Center For Excellence In Care (

Why Allergy Testing Is Needed

Once it is determined which substances a person is allergic to, a comprehensive treatment plan may be developed. This could include avoiding triggers, using medications to control the symptoms, and allergy shots or immunotherapy. The tests are of great help in identifying food allergies, an allergy to bee venom, hay fever, dermatitis, and more.

Types of Allergy Tests

Doctors may recommend different allergy tests for different substances. Skin injections, skin pricks, and patch tests are the most common. The benefits of skin prick and skin injections tests are the results are known right away. The patch test results do take longer, as the skin must be exposed to the substance for a period of time before the allergic reaction occurs.

Who Shouldn't Have an Allergy Skin Test

Certain people should not undergo a skin test to determine which substances they are allergic to. This includes anyone who currently takes medication that may interfere with the results of the test and a person who suffers from specific skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, that affect large portions of the skin. There may not be enough clear skin to carry out the tests properly. Any person who has had a severe allergic reaction should avoid this type of testing as well. Blood tests are a better option for these people, although they are not as sensitive and cost more.

If you are in need of allergy testing, contact the Denton Combs Center For Excellence In Care ( The center works with patients regularly to determine what substances they are allergic to and develop the best treatment plan. Make an appointment today, as allergies can have a negative impact on every aspect of a person's life. With the help of treatment, this impact can be reduced if not eliminated completely.