Roberts Library Update

Week of May 6th

Library This Week

All classes 1-4 please bring chromebooks. We are going to attempt to make Mother's Day cards in Buncee this week.

4th 9 Weeks Posters

I want the kids and classes who have earned AR posters for this last nine weeks to get their poster. I know we are getting close to the end of the year, though. My goal is to have pictures taken Monday, posters printed Tuesday, and posters presented during lunches on Wednesday.

Can Someone Help Me?

I don't think the TV in the foyer is getting turned on each morning. If you walk in through the front in the Morning, will you please help me by turning it on? If you don't mind taking this little job on, please let me know. I will show you how to get it on the right input screen. It's easy!

The kids enjoy seeing their pictures up there, so I want to make sure it is on every day. Thanks!

Don't Forget...

  • AR testing is officially over for the year.
  • Market Free Read Jamboree for us!
  • Library books are due soon!
  • Come get your candy bar if you haven't yet (and you shared FRJ post for me)

Friends of the library...will you join?

I need help making decisions on a few things for the library for next year. Mainly, how we want to do the AR party earners. If you are willing to be on a "Friends of the Library" committee with me, please let me know! We will only meet once or twice a year before or after school for some QUICK decision making. Thanks!

Dates to Remember:

May 9th and 10th: 4th nine weeks AR party (picnic) More info coming!

May 10th: All Prek-2nd books turned in

May 15th: All 3rd and 4th books turned in

May 17th: Aaron Reynolds author visit

May 18th: Free Read Jamboree

May 15th-?: Library inventory

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Classes:

First: Mrs. Rathbun's class - 92 % average!

Second: Mrs. Richards' clas - 85.8 % average!

Third: Mrs. Breaux's class - 87% average!

Fourth: Mrs.McKey's class - 90% average!

Congratulations to the following AR Star Students:

First: Demectrius Hill earned 54 points!

Second: Micah Cook earned 30 points!

Third: Leah Dodd earned 35 points!

Fourth: Audrey Washington earned 105.8 points!

Classes in the Lead for the 4th 9 Weeks!!

First: Mrs. Rathbun's class earned 573 points!

Second: Mrs. Mitchamore's class earned 376 points!

Third: Mrs. Brown's class earned 243 points!

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper's class earned 551 points!