Asia by: Alyssa holland , Kris Blalock

About Jordan

Physical Features

My 3 landmarks i choose was Roman theater , royal automobile museum , and the mango house .

By :Alyssa Holland


I think the best time to visit is summer.

During the beginning of summer

By :kris Blalock


Jordan's role of citizens is king abdullah.

By: kris Balock


Jordan's literacy rate: is 92.6% , GDP per capita : 5,214.20 : population is 6,508,887

By :Alyssa Holland


New years day labor day mansaf swimming.

By Kris Blalock

Aqaba Jordan

I think Aqaba is the best place to visit in jordan because it is very pretty.They also have good food and nice people there.In summer when you go you can swim in the water and have fun with your friends

By :Alyssa Holland

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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