Japans Festivals and Holidays

William's research project


I been really interested in Japanese culture so i have been researching Japans festival and holidays.

What Is Japans First Holiday

I got my information athttp://web-japan.org/kidsweb/explore/calendar/january/gantan.html button well be below.New Years Day Is japans first holiday.On New Years Day people usually wake up early to prey for a happy year.On New Years Day people greet by saying Akemashite omedeto gozamasu.Also on New Year Day people eat a dish called osechi ryori.
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What is a Festival That Anyone Can Attend

i found my information in Japanese Children Day and the Obon festival By.Dianne macmillian. A festival anyone can attend is the Obon festival or the festival of the dead. this festival has been celebrated for more than 1,400 years. It is celebrated July 13 and last for 3 days. At the festival when someone plays the taiko drum it means it's time to go to the temple.
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What Is Japans Most Celebrated Holiday

I got my information athttp://goasia.about.com/od/Events-and-Holidays/tp/Japanese-Festivals.htm. Japans most celebrated holiday is New Years Day because there are many festiva on New Years Day. Also at the beginning of the day people eat soba noodles.
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so in conclusion Japan has many holidays and festival maybe you might celebrate one like the Obon festivals or holidays.
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