Listen up English 101Students

By: Kyle Stotts

Always have postive vibes

Ms. Elston is one of the best teachers you will ever have. So be thankful that you got such an awesome teacher.

She will be always be ready every class to give you a good a laugh with jokes. So don't be to cool to laugh at all of her puns and jokes.

With all of the good vibes coming off you, it rubs off on your class mates.

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Be prepared to work your booty off

  • Do all of your homework and don't do at 11 o'clock at night the day before.
  • Some how find the energy to not fall asleep
  • When it is time to work, WORK, do not slack off and start getting off task
  • The formal papers are only hard if you do the day before it is do
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There is no escaping....

There is no escaping the homework. If you want the good grade like I got, you must do all of your homework.

Don't let procrastination or freshmenitis take over your college life and resisting you from being an A student

-You are paying for the class, might as well put 100% effort into the class

Lets face it.

English is most likely not the most active class you will ever take. But it is the most needed and used in our everyday lives.

Here is a tasty lieterary device.

English is like a spare tire because you will need it at unspecific times.


-As this class progressed through the year I have gained the skill of learning how to correctly write memoirs.

-I also learned to manage my time a little better and what to expect in the future

-My favorite class memory is going to the library and the only thing anyone really remembers from the visit is the guys sweet pony tail and enthusiasm

PEANUT BUTTER BABY Remix Vines #peanutbutterkid

I am not the only person answering here.

When you go to Olive Garden, do you only go for the ultimate salad and bread sticks?

Coming to a sad close.

Do any of my wonderful classmates have any questions?