flight simulations


What is a flight simulator

A flight is a plane simulator that has all the real instruments that actual planes have. Flight lets pilots train or enhance their skills in piloting a plane as big as lets say a boeing 747 and what it like in the middle of a thunder storm or maybe how to take a crash the easiest way possible.
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Flight Simulator Training by Virtual Aviation

Some good things about flight simulators

  • not to easy and very safe.
  • shows beginner pilots what its like up in the air
  • a fun and cool way of flying a plane
  • shows beginner pilots dangerous situations
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Why were flight sims made?

The first flight simulators where made in the 1910's and wasn't a high tech metal box like the flight simulators are today. the first simulator was a small metal structure. hmm their both in metal boxes anyway the first simulator was just a small cockpit of a small plane with a steering wheel and many lever. the main reason the flight simulator was made was to train pilots in the air force just in case of a war. Which was a good thing because world war one broke out four years later