Jaguar News

Volume 1, Issue 2 - August 25th, 2017

Thank you!

Thank you for helping our students get through their first full week of school! Please, read our newsletter carefully and do not hesitate to contact us with questions!

School Hours

School starts at 7:30. Students should be in the building by 7:21 so they can get to their lockers and make it to class on time. If you drive your child to school, please make sure that you respect these times. Students will start receiving consequences for tardies starting September 1st.

iPad Q&A

All students at Gentry Middle School will be receiving new iPads this year. We are getting the "iPad", which is bigger than the mini; similar in size to the old iPad Air that Apple used to produce. The 8th graders will have keyboard cases with their iPads, and the 6th and 7th graders will have a sturdy case with a cover on it. The district has invested in sturdy, protective cases to help reduce breakage. Here are some quick facts about the iPads and cases.

  • ​iPads are checked out to students for the school year. The iPad, case, cable and block are expected to be returned in May.
  • Parents should help their student with a plan to charge the iPad nightly and remember to bring it to school every day. Teachers are planning curriculum around the use of the iPad, so students need to bring in charged and ready I order to be prepared for classes.
  • Students will need earbuds for their iPad. We don't believe blue tooth earbuds work at this time, so please provide the wired type.
  • Students should not take their iPad out of the case.
  • Students should not have their iPad out in the hallway at school.
  • Students will get all apps from the "Self Service" app.

· Students and/or parents should notify the media center immediately if the iPad is lost, damaged or stolen. The district policy on lost and break charges can be found here:

  • Students should not decorate or personalize the case as these will be checked out to a different student next year.
  • Students will have formal classes on Digital Citizenship taught by their teachers to point out various ways of staying safe on line. These lessons continue informally throughout the year.
  • Student names will be placed on the iPad for the current school year with a label.
  • The school issued iPad is an educational tool intended for the exclusive use of the student that it is assigned to and shouldn’t be shared.
  • The school filter will work on the iPad at home.
  • If students get a prompt to login at home, please enter their “22, 23, or 24” user ID (NOT email) and their school set password that begins with their student number and ends with their birthday month. Instructions can be found here.

8th grade iPads were deployed this week. We are waiting on cases and iPads for 6th and 7th graders and expect to receive those in mid to late September. Should you have any questions about your students iPad, please do not hesitate to contact the media center.

Cell Phones at School

This year we have changed our cellphone policy and we are allowing students to use them during lunch time. Students may use their phones at this time, and before/after school. Our goal is to teach students how to be responsible with their devices and use them appropriately. Please, partner with us to remind your students they should never have their phones out the rest of the day. Students that have to be redirected for inappropriate cell phone use may receive consequences from their teacher/administrator.

Lunch Time

We have added a new cashier in the cafeteria to speed up the check out process for students. We encourage families to take advantage of school lunch, and this addition should make things easier.

We also want to remind you that if you are bringing lunch for your student, you can only bring food for your own child, not for other students. Please, refer to the student handbook for details.

Lost & Found

If your student has misplaced personal items we keep a Lost & Found area in the cafeteria where they can look for them. If the item is valuable, they should check in the main office. We recommend your student labels all their items for easy identification (Lunch box, water bottle, coat...), this will ensure easier return.

Clubs Info

If you student is interested in participating in Clubs, please check the Student Handbook for general information. Students will receive more information through advisory in the near future!

After School Activity Bus

Our After School Activity Bus is now available for students who would like to stay after school and participate in an after school club or activity. Only students who are current daily bus riders will be eligible for this transportation service. It is the responsibility of the student to come to the office and sign up or reserve a spot on the bus on the day that they will need to ride it home. This reservation list will then be sent to Student Transportation at 1:00 pm each day (Monday-Thursday) so it is important that you encourage your student to sign up in the office prior to this time. They are welcome to stop by the office before school or during their lunch period. Parents, please also note that our bus is only available Monday-Thursday as these are the dates that we host clubs after school. Students will be permitted to ride the bus home after athletic practices; however, please note that most athletic practices don’t conclude until much later than 4:00 pm each day.

Contact Information

It has come to our attention that some parents are not receiving the school newsletter by email. Most of these parents have either Yahoo or Hotmail email addresses. This is not a school issue, but rather a Yahoo/Hotmail problem, where they block our mass emails in their servers. You may either choose to change your email address on file at school to ensure the receipt of these emails or look for the newsletter in our homepage every week.

Gentry AVID Fundraiser, Shakespeare’s Frozen Pizza

Our Gentry AVID students are working hard to try and make money for an additional college visit this year. If you are interested in purchasing pizza to support their efforts, please talk to an AVID student or email our Gentry AVID Coordinator, Kayla Phillips ( Fundraiser ends Friday, September 1st. THANK YOU!


On Monday, August 21st, students and staff had the opportunity to experience the solar eclipse. It was a unique experience that they were able to enjoy in a safe and organized manner thanks to the work the teachers put into the preparations!

You are doing it wrong!

A parent brought to my attention this week that my explanation of the Pick up & Drop off procedures at Back to School Night reminded her of this clip I attach. Please, watch, laugh, and don't use The Jack Butler Method at Gentry!
The Jack Butler Method

Dates to Remember

September 7 - Parent Focus Group

September 12 - AVID Ceremony

September 15 - Interim Progress Reports

September 26 - Picture retake day

For practices and games check Gentry website!