Superintendent Community Update

October 8, 2021

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Superintendent's Message

Dear JUHSD Community,

I hope your October is off to a great start!

On Monday, all district sites will be closed in observance of Indigenous Peoples' Day. This day, held annually on the second Monday of October, celebrates Native people and commemorates their histories and cultures. Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes that Native people are the first inhabitants of the Americas and encourages a broader understanding of history by honoring the native populations that were displaced and decimated after European explorers reached the continents of North and South America. I encourage everyone to take this time to celebrate and recognize the ongoing contributions to our nation, while acknowledging the sacrifices made by Native peoples to this country.

For this week's update, I'll take a slight detour from our usual highlights to feature our District's Serramonte del Rey project. Below, you will find detailed responses to the following questions:

*What is the Serramonte del Rey project?

*What is the Employee Educational Housing project?

*Who will benefit from this projects?

*When will these projects take place?

*What are some questions and concerns connected the overall Serramonte del Rey project?

On behalf of JUHSD, I thank you for your support of our District staff and students as we continue to grow with the world around us.

To express support of the Serramonte del Rey project, and our wonderful District, please take a moment to click on the blue link below.

Please have a nice and restful three-day weekend!


Toni Presta


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What is the Serramonte del Rey Project?

The Jefferson Union High School District’s mission is to offer a world class education to the students in our community. This continues to be a challenge as we are the lowest funded high school district in San Mateo County. We can not attract and retain our educational staff and lose approximately 25% of our staff every year. The district would like to raise revenue by developing the property at Serramonte Del Rey which is something we have done successfully in the past at this site.

The District will negotiate long term leases with housing developers to build market-rate housing units on the property. We will retain ownership of the land and the money from the lease can go into the general fund to be used for any educational purpose. We have passed multiple parcel taxes and do not feel it is viable to try to tax a largely working, middle class community once again to raise revenue.

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Helping to Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified Staff with Housing

Coming Spring of 2022

122 Units of Educational Staff Housing:

59 one bedroom apartments

56 two bedroom apartments

7 three bedroom apartments

As one part of their continuing effort to improve the district’s ability to recruit and retain highly qualified staff, the JUHSD School Board has decided to develop employee housing. This will be apartments that are offered exclusively to JUHSD employees at a rental rate at approximately half the typical market rate. Oversight of this educational staff housing will be performed by a nonprofit corporation. More information can be found by visiting the EHC page of our website.

The Educational Housing complex will serve as the anchor project to the neighborhood of Serramonte del Rey.

Check out recent progress photos of our Educational Housing Project below:

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Who else will benefit from this project?

The District will negotiate long term leases with housing developers to build market-rate housing units on the property. We will retain ownership of the land and the money from the lease can go into the general fund to be used for critical educational purposes. We have passed multiple parcel taxes and do not feel it is viable to try to tax a largely working, middle class community once again to raise revenue.

The Serramonte del Rey development will include many public amenities open to the residents onsite as well as from the surrounding community. These public amenities include public parks and open spaces; an approximate 1-acre park at the heart of the site (Central Green) and a 1-acre park at the crest of the site’s hillside overlooking Daly City and beyond (Overlook Park), and a multi-use trail around the site for pedestrians and cyclists with beautiful views.

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When will this project take place?

Project Timeline:

  • Preliminary plan was to be presented to the Daly City Council on Monday, September 27, 2021, but was placed on hold for further review

  • Preliminary plan to be presented at the October 25, 2021 Daly City Council meeting

  • Educational Housing Project (under construction) Ribbon Cutting, Spring of 2022

  • Final Daly City approval late winter/early Spring of 2022

  • Begin construction, Summer of 2023

  • Expected 8-10 years for total build out

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Questions and Concerns Connected to the Project

Question: Why is Daly City's Community Garden being demolished?

Answer: The instructional garden, owned by the school district, will be relocated, and transformed, into a true community garden that is both sustainable and meets the needs of the broader community. As integral part of the development, the new community garden will be built with important features, including ADA-accessible pathways, a centralized location, and a sustainable water infrastructure.

Question: How will this project benefit the Community of Daly City?

Answer: The Serramonte del Rey neighborhood will provide additional housing for a community that desperately needs it. It will also offer public parks and open spaces, a recreational trail, fitness opportunities, viewing areas and retail.

By developing the property at Serramonte del Rey we will replace a building surrounded mostly by blacktop and cement with housing in a walkable, safe, sustainable, family-friendly neighborhood. This new site will also include shopping, open space, a community garden and nature trails. We are able to do this while raising additional funding and providing much needed resources for our school district in order to better retain teachers and improve learning for the young people in our community

Question: What will happen to the current green space that will be demolished due to construction?

Answer: The new development will double the amount of green space, with two attractive, public neighborhood parks serving as the heart of the community. "Overlook Park" will have a children's playground and community garden.

Question: Are there indigenous claims to the land?

Answer: We recognize that the district and surrounding municipalities exist on the ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone people. In collaboration with Ohlone elders, we were unable to find record of an indigenous presence on the Serramonte del Rey site. Nonetheless, the District is committed to collaborating with indigenous people about ways to recognize and honor their connection to the land, including discussion of offering land for their use.

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New District Offices and Adult Education Campus Project

A new JUHSD District Office and Adult Education Campus complex is to be built on district land adjacent to Westmoor High School in Daly City, formerly known as Westmoor Park. The new two-level, 30,000-square-foot District Office offers new facilities for the district departments of Business Services, Education & Special Education Services, Tech / IT, human resources and general support services, and can house over 60 professionals. It will provide new training facilities for teachers and staff from throughout the district and a Boardroom for community meetings.

The new two-level 38,000-square-foot Adult Education classroom building features 15 standard and 2 large Adult Education classrooms, 4 classrooms and breakout spaces dedicated to Adult Transitional Education, Administration spaces (lobby, reception, office and staff lounge), associated support spaces, and a 2,600-square-foot multipurpose room for meetings and physical activity

Support Our District!

Let's invest in the future of this amazing school district!

Please take a moment to sign this online petition in support of the Serramonte del Rey project proposal and JUHSD by clicking HERE.

Indigenous Peoples' Day, October 11th

In observance of Indigenous Peoples' Day, all JUHSD sites will be closed for the day.

For information on the history of this day, please take a moment to read Rethinking How We Celebrate American History--Indigenous Peoples' Day from

Congratulations to Madeleine Hur!

Congratulations to Oceana High School senior Madeleine Hur on becoming the Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of Daly City! This past Thursday, Madeleine eloquently spoke at the County's Respect! 24/7 student voice and choice webinar. Way to go, Madeleine!

To read the full article on Madeleine's winning this prestigious honor, please click here.

Want a chance to represent Daly City as this year's Youth Poet Laureate? Click on this flyer for more info!

Board Meeting Highlights, October 5th

Important information is shared during Board of Education meetings, yet not everyone is able to attend or view the entire meeting. Please view highlights from Tuesday’s Board Meeting here.

High School Fair

Hey, incoming 6-8th grade students and families! Want to know more about what our district high schools have to offer? Visit the return of our annual High School Fair this coming Wednesday, October 13th, from 6:30-8:00 pm in the JUHSD Galleria, 699 Serramonte Boulevard, Daly City. For more information on this event, please email Director of Communication Austin Worden,