Labelling Solutions

Types of Labelling Solutions and Seal Liners

Swati Polypack is a leading manufacturer of packaging machineries and offers wide range of products including Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator, Wad inserting equipment , Induction cap sealing machine, cap liners, Cap Assemblers, Shrink Tunnel, Shrink Wrapper, all types of Powder fillers, liquid / Viscous filling machines, filling lines for pickles, Granules, air cooled and water cooled Induction sealer machine, labeling machine, sachet pouch bagging & tube filling-sealing machines, cup filling machine, Bottle / jar heat sealing machine for neck. We specialize in manufacturing Induction wads, Self adhesive Sticker & Shrink Sleeve labels in roll form with our plant. We also provide project consultancy services for our clients.

Labelling Solutions for Various Industries
Labels help in various ways to recognize the products as well creating a trust value among the buyers. If we consider the company point of view, labels are the branding of the company and that also prevents the duplicate product sales in the market. Swati Polypack is a leading label manufacturer in India providing labeling solutions to Pharmaceuticals, Labelling Solutions for Cosmetics and healthcare, Food & Beveraging Industries, wine & liquor labeling, Chemical, Airline and Consumer electronics labels.

Types of Labels
Different industrial labeling needs differ as per the custom requirements. Swati Polypack provides turnkey labeling solutions with security & hologram labels, Plain laser labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Transparent Labels, Synthetic Labels, Promotional Labels, Cheque Protection and quality control labels, Packaging & Warning Labels.

Shrink sleeve labels
There are various types of shrink sleeve labels including PVC shrink labels, printed shrink labels, laminated pouches and poly pouches, laminated rolls and flexible laminates available in the market. The labeling solution is highly demanded to pack various types of consumer goods. Swati Polypack have all the high tech machineries to provide capping, sealing and labeling solutions with induction cap sealer, conduction heat seal liner, integral safety and aluminium foil seals.

Induction Seal Liners
Induction seal liners including induction foils and induction wads are quite convenient as far as safety is concerned as it provides tamper evidence and a hermetic barrier. This is a new designed peelable structure that opens with greater flexibility. The equipment is available in different variables.

Conduction Heat Seal Liner
This heat seal liner is selective based on container material and liner character. If your container material is made up of PET/PE/PP/PVC/PS, different special types of conduction heat sealers are the most suitable for container sealing based on the material

Integral Safety Seals & Aluminium Foil Seals
It is also known as Wet type glue sealable liner and mainly used in bonding layer, paper, aluminium foil and backing or carrier material in which wet glue needs to apply on container mouth.

Aluminium foil seals are applied on various types of containers like HDPE / LDPE / PP / HIPS / PET / PVC GLASS and can be used to seal in various shapes. Different material for coating and laminations can be used for heat sealing or adhesive pasting. With this capping there is also provision to print and embossing.