What does an Elementary School Counselor do?

My name is Stacy Whisman. I enjoy working with children and helping them grow academically, socially, and emotionally. As the school counselor, I am available to help you with any problems that might interfere with your child's learning. These problems may be academic concerns, such as study skills, motivation, or lack of organization. These concerns could also be social, such as lack of friends, insecurity, or not getting along. Personal or family problems can also cause worry and anxiety. My main goal is for the students to feel secure and safe. Students need to feel that they are cared about at school on a day to day basis, and all of our staff works toward this goal. If there is any way that I can help your child, please feel free to call.

Once again this year students can refer themselves for counseling in a unique way. There is a QR code in every classroom for students to be able to scan to let me know they need to check in with me. Once I have received notification that they would like to chat, I reach out to their teacher to find a time that works best in their day. Here is a link to the google form:

Classroom Guidance

Lessons are taught to each homeroom class 2 times each month. Guidance lessons are created using themes/ideas from Rachel's Challenge, Life Skills, and Portrait of a Graduate. Although theme will be consistent among grade levels, actual lessons will be age appropriate.

Lessons on Kindness and Friendship will begin in August.

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5th Grade Parents:

Is your 5th grader worrying about life as a 6th grader in middle school next year? If so, there is a class I teach at Summer Enrichment called, "Moving on to Middle School." It is a fun class designed to practice all things MIDDLE SCHOOL in a fun way! We practice reading school maps, finding classes, opening lockers, going to the locker rooms to prepare to go to PE, etc... all done in relay style! If you think this would be good preparation for your future 6th grader, sign up here (pg 52) for this class!
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