Andrew Jackson: Man of the People

Is He a Hero or a Villain?

About Andrew Jackson:

When Andrew Jackson was young he was taken by the British. They were soon rescued by their mother. During that time both him and his brother caught smallpox. Soon after the very long walk home his brother died. Not much later his mother also died. Now with no father, mother, or brother. Jackson was on his own. He was born March 15, 1767, and died on June 8, 1845.

Jackson's Path to Presidency:

After Andrew Jackson was captured by the British, he began thinking of ways he wanted to change the country. After many years, Jackson was on the ballot for Presidency. Unlike any other President Jackson won the election because of a popular vote.

Jackson's Policies:

Andrew Jackson was a representive for the common people. He opposed the National Bank because he believed it favored the rich over the common people. Another policy was the Indian Removal Act, which in Jackson's eyes was necessary so the United States could gain more land and prosper.

How Jackson Promoted Democracy:

I think Andrew Jackson did promote democracy. He finally made it equal for all people to participate in government. He believed that the rich should not have privileges over the common people. He also showed how powerful the president can be. Jackson vetoed more bills then any other of the presidents before and all of them combined. All of these things are how Andrew Jackson promoted democracy.

I Believe:

I believe that Andrew Jackson was a Hero and a Villain. Andrew Jackson was a hero because he was a man of the people and listened to them. I also believe that Jackson was a villain because he is the one who enforced the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears was one of the darkest times in American History.


Maddie Keller

Per. 6