Ordean East Middle School News

Vol. 3 Issue 10 ~ November 19, 2021

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

November is National Native American Heritage Month

Prior to colonization, signing or “hand talking” was used to facilitate intertribal communication across the American continent. The most common of these signed languages was Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL). The following video shows examples of hand talking and how it compares to American Sign Language.
American Sign Language & Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL)
Native American Heritage Month Through Primary Sources

The Library of Congress, NTL Archives and Records Admin, NTL Endowment for the Humanities, NTL Gallery of Art, NTL Parks, Smithsonian and US Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans.

"The Ordean Times"

A group of passionate OEMS writers and artists have come together to develop "The Ordean Times" school newspaper/webpage during WIN. As pieces become ready for publication, they will be added to this newsletter. We hope to have a school newspaper/webpage developed by students and published by students at some point this school year. If you or someone you know is interested in joining "The Ordean Times" WIN, connect with Mr. Fyten.

Teacher Feature ~ Ms. Paschen by Marley Prochnow (supported by Oscar, Elsa, & Margaret)

Ms. Paschen is the Ordean East Middle School´s choir teacher! Ms. Paschen is from Cleveland Ohio, and she started singing when she was a sophomore in high school. Ms. Paschen played the flute in the school band, so when her friend was trying out for a play, and wanted Ms. Paschen to play the flute she of course said yes! Well, Ms. Paschen practiced singing the song but her friend didn't get it so Ms. Paschen sang it for her! Her friend said that she should try out for the play and she got the part! After high school Ms. Paschen then went to college for band and choir and fell in love with it.

She loves all kinds of music and some of her favorite songs really depend on her mood. She enjoys such genres as jazz, Disney music, rock, and pop! Ms. Paschen loves to sing and work with teens! She totally recommends to anyone who sings or wants to that you should practice your breathing and warms up every day! Ms.Paschen loves teaching all different kinds of songs. One of her favorite songs to teach is Build Me Up Buttercup! (I would totally recommend anyone reading to listen to it!) Ms. Paschen hopes to see more concerts and even competitions for fundraisers in the future! But for now the upcoming concert months are January and May, however we are not 100% sure those will happen. We do know that we will have at least some type of concert.

School Lunch by Rosa Eastvold

A common question that has been asked throughout the years is should we offer a vegan/vegetarian option for school lunch. Some might say “yes of course” but others could think “no that doesn’t seem worth it”. No matter your perspective, here is a look into the other side of the argument. So I ask you to read this with an open mind and take a minute to think about your opinion.

We’ll start with the pros of offering a vegan and vegetarian option for school lunch. First is the most obvious reason which is that vegans/vegetarians can have school lunch without having to worry about whether or not it has meat or eggs etc. in it. The next reason is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be something as simple as a salad bar with cheap fresh ingredients. Having vegan/vegetarian options would also have a positive impact on the environment This would also make it so that all students have access to food that meets their dietary restrictions. Not only would a salad bar be a good option for vegan/ vegetarian students but also a good option for students who want some more variety in the cafeteria.

Moving on to the cons. Having a vegan/vegetarian option could take a toll on our school budget and directing our limited amount of money elsewhere could be more worthwhile. Also because of the Covid-19 restrictions it may not be possible to have something like a salad bar. Some students may also want the à la carte back instead of a salad bar. Some people might think that it just takes too much time and effort to put together something that large. Some people may also say that the food we have is just fine and that the vegetarian/vegan people can just bring lunch from home. Another con would be that fresh ingredients aren’t always cheap so it may be a challenge to keep restocking them.

In conclusion the vegetarian/vegan lunch option has arguments both for and against this option. Including, but not limited to budget, health and wellness of students, the environment, and having access to fresh food. I hope this argument piece has opened your mind to the ups and downs of offering a vegetarian/ vegan lunch to the students at our school.

Staff Created 2 Cheer Tunnels As Students Entered School Last Friday

Reflections- PTA

Here is a link to the PTA reflections program sign up. It would be great if our humanities staff could encourage kids to sign up!



While it is true that all students receive a free school lunch this year, there may be other financial burdens that could be reduced or eliminated for families that qualify based on household income. For example- reduced school/sports activity fees, reduced fines, and other discounts - and help provide important state and federal funds for Duluth's schools.

Click here to fill out the application.

ISD709 Community Education Program

OEMS is home to a very active and successful Community Education Program. Check out the classes we have to offer.

Register through ISD709 Community Education~

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Understanding the impact of childhood adversity changes the discussion from “What’s wrong

with you?” to “What happened to you?”

This online class provides information and brain science that explains why ACEs impact people’s lives, health, and wellness. The class provides time for Q&A and discussion including strategies for resilience and wellness and for building resiliency in our community.

Required: Participants must watch the 15 minute ACEs TED Talk before class. “Google” Nadine Harris Burke ACEs TED talk. Here’s the link:


Class fee: $5.

Scholarships available upon request.

Thursday, Jan. 20, noon to 1

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 6- 7:30 pm

Th, Feb 3, 6-7:30 pm

Wednesday Feb 9, 6-7:30 pm. pm.

Wednesday, Feb 16, noon to 1 pm.

Thursday Feb 17, 6-8 pm (2 CEUs offered)

Mon. March 7, 6-7:30 pm


If your child is showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 we are asking that you please keep them home and get tested or consult your healthcare provider for an alternative diagnosis as we are still seeing strep, influenza, and RSV circulating around the state and our area. It is imperative that they remain home when symptomatic to help us protect the integrity of in-person learning. We thank you for your help in keeping our school community safe.

COVID-19 Signs & Symptoms:

Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher

New cough or a cough that gets worse

Difficulty/hard time breathing

New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Nasal congestion/stuffy or runny nose

Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

Muscle pain

Extreme fatigue/feeling very tired

Severe/very bad headache


COVID-19 Resources for ISD709 Families

Click here for COVID19 reporting forms, vaccine information, and more

OEMS Staff ~ Sending Messages of Affirmation, Compassion & Kindness (SMACK)

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