The Victorian Era

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was born in the year 1819. Her mother was a German Princess and her father was the duke of Kent. When her uncle, king William 4 died in 1837 she was crowned queen on June 28, 1837 at the Westminster Abbey. Queen Victoria was not the best ruler nor the smartest person, but she was made the living symbol of peace and prosperity. At the beginning of the 20th century she made the crown a symbol of private virtue and public honor. She died on the Isle of Wright on January 22, 1901.


Comparing the Victorian Era to 2014

The Victorian Era has a different rule style then in the present time. The Era had a Queen with all control which gave no control to the people. Now in modern time there is still a queen, but with less power and a little more power to the people. In America there is a president with voting powers to the people.