We salute and honor the Armed Forces

November 10 - 14 Week Happenings

Hispanic Heritage Festival

I enjoyed myself and I am sure you did too. Thank you for all your support.

Field Trip

Thank you to the Parents who helped with driving and supervising of the children on our field trip to the Pacific Science Center. It was fun!! Please share the pictures you took.

And to those who couldn't make it today, I am sure you are disappointed.


Happy Veteran's Day to all those who serve and have served in the Armed Forces. You do not have to be behind a weapon to be thanked. We thank ALL, most especially those who gave up their lives so that we might live in this beautiful, freedom loving country.


Grade 3

We will be starting Chapter 4 "Jesus Teaches Us to Pray"

The prayer most churches learn is the Lord's Prayer. We will learn this in sign and song.

Grade 2

We will be reading and discussing Chapter 4 "We Praise and Thank God"

This chapter is so appropriate this time of year when we need to think of what God has given us and how we can show him our gratefulness by sharing with others.

Bible Stories: A favorite of both grades. I will try to read and share two Bible stories a week. The more the Word of God is shared the more we do His bidding.

Language Arts:

There has been such a whirlwind of Spelling tests and words. So I will try to send it email every week AND paste it into their Agenda.

3rd Grade is still continuing with Journeys where Mrs. Nolting and I have agreed as to which stories will be read in Spanish and which ones in English. This is not to say that I cannot use the worksheets assigned to that story, most especially if I want to ensure that the skill for English Grammar are covered. We may not read that story in English but the skills still need to be taught.

2nd Grade is using Superkids so we do not have the stories nor the worksheets to use from Senderos. We will use the Superkids reader and workbook.

Both grades should be on RAZ-kids and they should have their passwords both for Mrs. Nolting and myself. I have also given assignments for

For the past two weeks both classes have used the laptops in class to get on the Internet to go on tenmarks and razkids.

I have also shown them how to open Word Document and how to save in file and folder. I told them that we just might get to type our Spelling words, but unfortunately we cannot print from the laptops. They are most welcome to bring a USB drive and save it, then take it home to print.

Penmanship is still a difficult lesson to practice. Those who take their time will see great work. I mentioned that even a High School is offering to teach Penmanship as a class which could lead into calligraphy.


I cannot impress enough that the students need to really grasp the addition and subtraction skills to move forward with multiplication and division.

Here is an activity you can try at home.

Give your child 3, 4, or 5 digits and have them make the largest possible number and the smallest possible number. Then take the two numbers and add them, then subtract them. Reinforce that the larger number must be on top when subtracting, and subtract only going down.

3rd Grade must have the multiplication tables of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 memorized.

2nd Grade start memorizing the tables of 2, 5, and 10.

We have learned the concept of multiplication. I do not want them to say the word "times", but instead 'sets of'.

8x4 is read 8 sets of 4, which means 4+4+4+4+4+4+4+4, and equals 32.

Social Studies

3rd Grade Lesson 5 'War and Changes'

Visual Preview P.40 The North has industry. The Civil War begins. Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. Reconstruction begins and the nation is rebuilt. Immigrants move to the plains and ideas bring progress.

2nd Grade Lesson 4 ' Our Natural Resources'

Visual Preview P.28 Minerals like copper and salt are found in the ground. Oil is a very important resource that cannot be replaced. We must protect our resources and use them wisely. People can work together to save natural resources.

Remember: No classes tomorrow for Veteran's Day

Thursday; Nov. 12 Mass at 9:00

Friday; Nov. 13 Spirit Wear (for those who return their communication envelopes and have been given the yellow Spirit Wear ticket)

Monday & Tuesday; Nov. 23 & 24

Early dismissals with Parent Conferences in the afternoon. Schedules were sent out. If you need to make a change please see the Office.