The sioux indians

By Josh, Logan, D.j.

Their homes and where they lived.

The Lakota and the Dakota were the main Sioux Indians. The Sioux lived in the Lakota and Dakota homelands ,in what is now Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. The Sioux lived in teepees. They where nomadic ,so the teepees had to be designed carefully so they could be set up and taken down quickly. The teepees where originally 12ft high ,but once they acquired horses they began building them twice the size. They lived in the Great plains.

The Sioux language.

The Lakota and Dakota spoke in different languages . Despite pronunciation differences the Lakota and Dakota speakers can understand each other very clearly.

Sioux Indian's food and their uses



Boys were taught by there fathers Girls were taught by there mothers. The Sioux Indians taught there children tribal customs and Sioux beliefs by using stories and beliefs. The boys learned how to hunt and the girls cooked the food.

Enemies and allies

Enemies of the Sioux were the French, Ojibway, Assinibone, and the Kiowa Indians. One of the allies of the Sioux were the Arikara.


One of the Sioux most famous wars was The great Sioux war or Red clouds war. This battle took place in 1876 and was where General Custer was defeated by red cloud. Other wars are the war of 1854-1890, the Sioux war of 1862 and The Sioux war of 1866-1868. They also used bows and spears before they were introduced to guns.


Jobs of the Indians were very simple. Men would do the hunting and they would run the village. Women often stayed at home, cooked, took care of children, and usually carried the belongings when they moved.

music and song

Sioux Honor Song


the Sioux traded fur with other Indians.