Line/Station Chef

By- Savannah Cosgrove

Career Options & Training

You could work at a resturant or some type of small food buisness. These individuals who are training to become a line/station chef just need to go through the nesasary school courses to get them ready for when the are in the kitchen.

Advantages and Disadvantages

some advantages are you are are not the best of the best yet and you still have time to learn and you are getting the training and experience you need. Some disadvantages are that you can be put under pressure and get overwhelmed by trying to learn the new things and multitasking.

Important things to know...

Line Cook - emerit Training and Certification

"A day in the life" for a line chef

In a typical day for a line chef what they first must do is get all of their supplies and get everything ready before they open up their restaurant or where they happen to be working. Second they have to wait for the costumers to decide what they want and as soon as they get there order they must do exactly what the customer wants..if not then you will have to start all over again so you should get it right the first time. After you have finished making what the customer wants you go right back to you spot and repeat the process. Their main job is to make the costumers happy and it can be a lot of fun if you are good at it but if you don't like stressful situations this may not be for you.

To be successful

In order to make it being a line chef you really must always come in with a great attitude and always be ready to work. It is not easy you need to have a very good memory and you can not slack off because if you do then you will have many angry people and it will all be on you.