By: Lauren, Megan, and Charlie

Plot Summary

Demeter and Persephone worked in the fields to feed mankind. Demeter loved her daughter very much, so did Hades. Hades lived in the underworld, which is a very dark and deppresing place. He wanted a queen to make him happy and he thought Persephone would be a great queen. So he kidnapped Persephone and made her his queen. Demeter was enraged when she found out what happened. So she caused a famine across the land. She begged Zeus to help get Persephone back. So he asked Hermes his messenger to go to the underworld and retrive Persephone. When Hades finally left Persephone go she had already eaten four pomagrante seeds which are the food of the dead. So for each seed she had eaten she had to spend one month in the underworld. During this time Demeter was very sad and nothing grew. This time is now known as winter. But the other eight months that she is in the overworld then nature thrives.
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