The Colt Courier

June 4, 2020

Principal's Message

I have truly enjoyed working with you all this year. After this meeting, your summer break begins as soon as you finish everything on the end of year checkout sheet. Thank you for all of your hard work this year and all you do for the kids daily!

Here is the link to our last staff meeting. Please view all slides and all of the other information in the newsletter.



The Weeks Ahead

Timeline of Events:

May 22- Students belongings packed up and pink/blue sheets due. Purple folders due. (GT, please give belongings to homeroom bag. Bags are in the front office.)

May 25- Holiday

May 29- Parents drop off round 3 and pick up belongings.

June 1- Pick up round 3 packets

June 2- Grades must be entered. (Please email Debbie Bogan when they are finalized.)

June 1-4 Remediation Days

June 3- 5th grade recognition (details to come)

June 4- Report Cards will be available.

June 5- Work Day

School News

General Information

  • End of Year Checkout- Please use this link. The leadership team will be checking people out soon. Please fill out all of the information including summer contact information. It is required! There are a lot of keys still out as well. If things are not complete, I might have to call individuals in to finish.
  • Moving Schools- June 22nd is when things will be moved. Teachers moving will get 10 boxes, tape, and labels. Boxes should be delivered by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Boxes are here, but labels are not correct. You will get more information when I know.

Quote of the Week

“Vacation calories don’t count.”

Happy June Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

June 6-Leah Soffera

June 14- Allison Wyndham

June 16-Marion Cook

June 20-Melia Teska

June 24-Audrey Cageao

June 24-Reagan Taylor

June 24-Stacy Wright

June 30-Hannah Couchenor

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to everyone for a fantastic year!
  • A HUGE Shout out to our grant winners!

Leah Robertson-Attending the Teachers College to learn more about literacy development.

Jennifer Antley- Wrote a grant for a sensory path for the Kindergarten Playground.

Ashlee Threatt-technology resources to support instruction and increase engagement in my classroom. This includes two green screen kits, several Bloxel kits, Spheroes, and Science Court curriculum.

Alexis Greer-Grant to attend the Ron Clark Academy Ron Clark Academy to gain tools and strategies to create a classroom culture that increases student engagement and allows for all students to take more ownership of their learning through multiple hands-on lessons and activities.

Adam Fantone- Grant for teachers to attend the Teachers College.

Casey Czapla-Grant for teachers to attend the Teachers College.

Aaryn Marsters-Grant for others to attend PLC at Work.

Sara Carico-Grant to attend the Teachers College.

Jessica Williams-Grant to attend PLC at Work.

Angela Sigler-Grant to attend PLC at Work.

Vicki Tuzzo-The grant will provide technology to increase student self monitoring and increase staff efficiency with data collection in order to promote student reflection as well as provide tangible reinforcements for demonstrating positive behaviors.

Jamie Thomas-The grant will cover the necessary changes that need to be made to the AR Sandbox so that it can be moved easily to classrooms so other grade levels can use it to help students develop models in the science standards.

SES Teacher Website

Our Google Site will provide access to a variety of resources including: Master Schedules, Handbooks, Calendars, Faculty Rosters, etc...