Stephen F. Austin

Presidential Campaign

Stephen Fuller Austin

I, Stephen F. Austin, am a well trained and talented lawyer. Not just that, but I am also a diplomat.

Born November 3, 1793 in Virginia

"The people of Texas deserve a leader who yearns for justice and rights."

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Why should he be the President?


1. Stephen F. Austin, Texas's first empresario, successfully colonized a settlement located along the lower Colorado river with 300 families ("Old Three Hundred").

2. Stephen F. Austin was the president of the Convention of 1832 and went to San Antonio in hopes of gaining support of the resolutions from Tejanos. He also ventured, for three months, to Mexico city after the Convention of 1833 to deliver the resolutions to Mexican officials. He got imprisoned for sending a letter stating that Texas should establish a new government separate from Coauhuila but still part of Mexico. Gomez Farias felt that the letter challenged Mexican authority. All of this excruciating work was done by Austin for the well-being of Texas.