It Can be Done (Africa)

-Patrick Spillane

About the Organization

It Can be Done is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness for clean water, health, and education in Tanzania, Africa. It also increases the number of economical opportunities that the people there have. It was started by Barbara Joyce in 2006 and is made up of multiple community members who are all willing to help.

Barbara felt that she needed to start this organization because she wanted to connect people for the health and well being of others. With this group of people coming together, they improved the lives of so many more.

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Barbara Joyce vs. Richard Branson

Barbara and Richard are similar in the sense that they both felt a need to make others' lives better. Richard did this by making his airway better, and Barbara chose to help people directly by providing healthcare and education to those who needed it. However, they are also quite different. Richard was looking to make money from his business, which he did. Barbara just wanted to make somebody's life better. She, also, achieved this goal with It Can be Done.