Leopard Seals

By Nathan Dettinger


  1. Leopard Seals eat smaller seals penguins sea birds fish squid and krill.
  2. They use there strong sense of smell to tell were food is.
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  1. Seals live in cold oceans waters and on ice.
  2. They also live in South America Africa New Zealand Australia and Antarctica.
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  1. The Leopard Seal is a part of the phocide because of lacks of ear flaps.
  2. Lifespan is 25 years in living.
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Inersecting Facts

  1. Seals are so aggressive that humans usually cant get very close to observe them.
  2. They grow nearliy 12 to 3.7 feet wide and 1.100 pounds 500 kilograms.
  3. There are 300,000 Leopard Seals in America.
  4. The Seals latitude is 200 to 45 seconds.
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