A Student Response System

The Challenge

GoSoapBox is a great educational tool that allows teachers to gauge whether their students are understanding what is being taught right then and there without anyone risking the chance of others knowing whether they are struggling or not. It's one of the best anonymous tools a teacher can use!

How to Sign Up for GoSoapBox

1. Go to the link above.

2. Use your district log in information to create an account.

3. Follow the BRIEF tutorial that will pop up.

4. You will want to create an "event" so your students can join.

- It is suggested to create a different event per class period that you teach.

- To create a new event click the "+ Create" button.

5. Add the title for your "event". For example, "Reading Group 4".

6. Click "Create Now".

How to get your students to sign up!

NOTE: Your students do not need to create their own account to join! All they'll need is your 9-digit access code.

1. To view the access code...click on "Manage this GoSoapBox Event".

2. You should now be able to see the 9-digit access code at the top of your screen.

3. Have your students go to app.gosoapbox.com and click "Join a GoSoapBox Event".

4. There, they can type in the 9-digit access code.

Want to create your own access code?? Keep reading and follow the steps below!

1. Go to "Manage this GoSoapBox Event".

2. Click "Change Event Details".

3. There, you can create any code you'd like to make it easier for your students to access. - this doesn't have to be numbers!

4. After you change your event details your students should be able to use your new access code to log in to your event.

DONT FORGET THAT...once you've completed this tech challenge with your class, Twitter your work at #HETechChallenge!

Want to know how to do more??

I can help you create discussions, polls, a confusion barometer, quizzes, and a social Q&A. Contact me below for more information!