2D Newsletter

Week ending September 29th

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Dear Parents,

I hope you have had a relaxing weekend and have a great week ahead.

There is a lot of important information towards the bottom of the newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read through it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. That is always my favorite part of creating the newsletter, choosing the photos which show the fun and learning happening in our very active classroom!

All the best.


Curriculum Updates


This week we have started a new Math unit where we are starting to further explore the role of measurement in the real world, making the connection that a standardized unit, such as a centimeter (cm) or meter (m) is both more efficient and helpful when measuring objects, and the the role of non-standardized units. If you are unsure what these terms are, and want to know if your child knows, please ask them for an explanation and to provide an example! In the coming lessons next grade 2 will take a look into the world of measuring with some mental benchmarks. These will enabled us to estimate with our bodies certain heights and lengths of the objects around us. Some mental benchmarks are:

  • the width of our pinky is about 1 centimeter

  • our chest or chin is about 1 meter high

  • our arm span is about 1 meter wide

We will also be learning what the best measurement tool to use when finding the length of various objects. Should we use a ruler or a meter stick?

Reading - Readers have been thinking about how parts of a book ‘click’ together and noticing what the author is wanting to teach you. They have continued to record some of their thinking with stop and jot and some students have told me they are also doing this at home when they are reading to parents or independently. It is great to hear of the transfer of learning and that they are wanting to share their reading skills with you. Students have also been sharing their strategies for solving tricky words. We have looked at strategies such as: chunking words, part - by- part, finding words within words, looking at pictures clues to help, and thinking does that sound right and does that make sense.

Writing - Writers have been conferring with their peers earlier in the week and have been great at giving feedback and suggestions on how their partners can enhance their writing even more. We have started the editing part of the writing process and have been working at checklist stations each with a specific focus such as spelling, ending punctuation, speech marks etc. In small groups of 4 they have been working together to complete the final edits to the piece of writing they have chose to publish. The student checklists are a great tool for improving and reflecting on their stories. We have one more day of editing and then we are publishing by adding detail and color to our pictures and creating a front and back cover. The students are all very excited about publishing their first complete book in 2nd grade and are looking forward to having writing celebration in class at the end of the week.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Students visited three different places at ASD to notice what was happening and how the people working there were contributing to their communities. We visited the guard house, observed the construction of the new gym, and also the people we see working in our hallways cleaning and helping to keep the school safe. They thought more about rights and responsibilities and how this all helps us to be a strong community. They were also treated to a presentation on Wednesday by some of ASD’s leaders. Students will be using explore time next week to start engaging in the design process to cooperatively plan a community. This part of the unit allows for students to let their creativity flow. They’re using what they’ve learned about communities and what they know about working collaboratively to plan a community.

Pictures of the week

Peer Partners conferencing in writing.
Word Study - Looking at long a patterns. "ai" "ay" "a (magic e)"
Application Problems for math warm up.

Show and Tell

We have started show and tell in 2D and the students are really enjoying it and bringing in interesting things on their day of show and tell. It is a great way for students to get more confident speaking in front of a large group of people, while also describing with important details - Questions that focus on the when, where, why and how?
Our new MATH UNIT- Measurement
Leaders visit - How these leaders help make ASD a strong community.
Well-being awareness week. Basketball, meditation, flow movement for focusing & calm coloring.

Important Information

Attention All Photographers Students and Parents!

The 2017 ASD PTA Calendar Competition is on!

We need your photo submissions for our annual ASD Calendar. Show us your talent and your favorite places in Qatar. The winning photo will displayed on the front cover of the calendar, and the student with the winning photo will receive a prize!

Regulations :

A color photo in RGB in 12 mega pixels (3000 x 4000)

Name and current grade (for students)

Deadline is October 13th, 2016

Please send all entries to asdcalendar2017@gmail.com

Fourth storybook in the series of our school values

Take this opportunity to order your copy of the fourth storybook in the series of our school values in English and Arabic written and illustrated by students and teachers at the American School of Doha, Qatar. By purchasing these books, you will be supporting the AlFaisal Without Borders Foundation, helping create a better education for children around the world! Missed out on one of the books in the series? Order now!

Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility





Pre-order forms can be found here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xDqOr7SQ_vbDZVQTcxZnl3c3M/view

Orders will be delivered to your child’s classroom during the week of October 9.

Get Ready to Start Reading!!! The 2016 PTA BOOK FAIR

The annual, and very popular, PTA Elementary School Book Fair returns this October. Our excited young ASD readers love this event and we love to see our students of all ages lose themselves in the wonder of words. The PTA, working closely with the Elementary School faculty, has custom selected the best fun and educational titles from leading authors from the UK and America and beyond. The Book Fair also supports the popular and highly competitive Grade 5 "Battle of the Books".

Thousands of new books will be available in the Elementary Presentation Room with prices ranging from only 15QAR to 80QAR.

When: Monday October 10th - Thursday October 13th

Time: 7:40am - 3:15pm

Where: Elementary Presentation Room (close to the Main Reception)

We ask that all parents enter through Gate 8 and bring their ASD ID.

Each class will have an opportunity to visit the PTA Book Fair and spend time looking at all the books and to pick out and buy their favorite books. Your Home Room Teacher will send more information about the date and time your child's class will visit the Book Fair in their weekly newsletter. The books can be purchased using the ASD Dragon Bands. Lower Elementary students will need to return the permission form from their parents to purchase books using their Dragon Bands.

To make sure you and your children have enough money on your Dragon Band, please top up your account at one of your kiosks in the school or online at dragoncard.asd.edu.qa. Your username will be your family number minus the last letter and your password will be the same as the username.

If any parents would like to volunteer some time to help at this event, we would love to have you come along, please contact Sarah or Claire at ptabookfair@asd.edu.qa

The Book Fair is one of our yearly events loved by all our students, parents and teachers. Please come along to support and encourage our children to develop a lifelong love of books. We thank you for your support.

The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW" - Dr Seuss
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