My Hero From Afar

Malala Yousafzai

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Fast Facts

Date of Birth: July 12, 1997

Birthplace: Mingora, Pakistan

Interesting Facts:

1. Malala is the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize

2. Published a memoir entitled, I Am Malala, when she was 16 years old

3. Created an organization called The Malala Fund which advocates for women's education around the globe.

How did she change the world?

Malala was shot in the head in October 2012 after campaigning for girls to be able to go to school in Taliban-held areas of Pakistan. She survived the assault and continued to passionately advocate for women to receive an education in Pakistan and all over the world. Throughout constant threats and violence, Malala has not backed down and remains steadfast in her mission.

Her activism has shown a light on an area of the world where women are often regarded as second-class citizens. She has donated money to build schools for high-need populations and has served as an inspiration for women around the globe to advocate for themselves and their future.

How Does She Inspire Me?

Malala's strength and courage inspires me to advocate for things I strongly believe in. She is someone who wishes that everyone receive a quality education. She understands that a better future lies in a better educated world.
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