Electrical power tool

How to Choose Good Electrical Power Tools

Whether it is at home or in processing plants, electrical power tools will be used. We regularly contact with these tools in life, but how to choose a good electric power tool is not known to us. Here we are to talk about how to choose a good electrical power tool.

1. According to the needs, the difference is the family use or the professional use. Most brands of power tools are designed for professionals. General household use is different from a professional one. The difference is the power. Professional tools is with large power, easy to reduce the workload of professionals while general household tools is used for smaller projects, and the workload is relatively small, and therefore they don¡¯t need to enter a lot of power tools.

2. The packaging appearance of a brand of power tools: The tool packaging should be a clear pattern, no damage, and sturdy plastic box. Opened plastic box hasp should be solid and durable.

3. Tools should have uniform color appearance. Plastic surface should be without significant shadow silk and dents, scratches or bump. Parts assembly misalignment should be less than 0.5mm. Aluminum casting defect -free coating is smooth and beautiful, the whole surface should be free of grease and dirt. When the hand grip, the handle should be smooth switch. Cable length should generally be not less than 2 meters.

4. Brand parameters of brand power tools should be consistent with the CCC certificate. There should be instructions on the power tool manufacturers and the manufacturer's full address and contact details. Products should be traceable lot number on the nameplate or certificate.

5. Hold the tool in the hand, connect the power, frequently operate switch, frequently start the tool and observe that whether tool switch-off function is reliable. While observing the scene of the TV, fluorescent whether there is any anomaly. In order to confirm whether the tool is equipped with effective radio interference suppressors.

6. When the tool powers running for one minute, holding it, your hand should be no obvious abnormal vibration. Observe commutation sparks, which change should not exceed 3/2 level to spark, usually from the air inlet tools look at the inside, the commutator surface should be no obvious arc. Operation, should no unusual noise.