Camp Orkila

An Exciting Experience for Middle School Students

May 4th-6th, 2022 - for 8th Grade Students

Conway Middle School has a unique experience to build student relationships with each other and to encourage and promote leadership skills.

You can find more information at the following link: Camp Orkila

Camp Orkila - Where Kids Thrive!

There's no place like overnight camp to discover who you are and the gifts you have to share.

Did you know Camp Orkila was created in 1906 and in the 1920s kids used to ride steamer ships through the Sound to Orcas Island to attend?

In 1906 the camp had 30 boys that attended. They now have over 16,000 guests a year that attend camp.

Costs to Attend Camp

We want ALL students to have the opportunity to attend camp. We know that sometimes finances are tight for families and the cost of camps is an unexpected expense, or just doesn't fit into the family budget.

We do not want the cost of attending camp to be a barrier to any student. If the registration fee is a stretch or you just don't have it, please contact Angela Pederson in the district office. We have funds available to assist students. We keep your information confidential to ensure your privacy.

Our PTO has donated to the Camp Orkila fund to allow for a reduction in fees for students.

Registration Fees for 2022:

$120 per student

$160 per adult chaperone

COVID Requirements for 2022

As of February 15th: We will update this information as we get new guidelines from the Y on their requirements for camps.

MASKS are still required, but this may change to optional masks by the time camp starts.

Camp Orkila requires students to be vaccinated or have a COVID negative test prior to camp. If you student has had their COVID vaccine and you have not notified the office, please email Austin to let her know.

Anyone unvaccinated will be tested at school prior to camp.

We will update you on COVID restrictions and requirements a few weeks before camp starts.

A message from our school nurse for ALL students.

If your student is not currently taking medication, they may be by the time camp starts, so please review this information from our school nurse.

In preparation for your student going to Camp Orkila there are a few things you need to know about your student and medications.

If your student currently has medication at school (inhaler, epi-pen etc) you do not need to complete any additional medication authorization forms and those medications will go to camp with your student's teacher.

If your student takes any daily or as needed medications (allergy medications, seizure medications, thyroid medications, advil, tylenol etc), I will need a health care provider authorization form signed by both you and the health care provider. The medication will need to be in the original container (no baggies or medisets will be allowed). Please only send enough medication for the 3 day trip and keep the rest at home.

Sometimes students start taking medication for an illness or other issue right before camp. We need those authorizations so we can continue to administer the medication. We also have students who have seasonal or situational allergies, for example they are fine at school but if they are going off into the woods they need allergy medication. We will need authorization forms for those medications even if they are over the counter.

We cannot administer medication on the trip without the forms.

The completed forms and medications will need to be at school no later than April 15th so that I can get everything ready to go to camp.

If you have any questions, you can reach me by email or 360-629-4349.

Thank you,

Renee Bowzer

RN, M.Ed, NBCSN, School Nurse

Packing List - English

COVID RESTRICTIONS: Currently masks are still required at camp, please pack multiple masks so you have enough available since you will be wearing them most of the day. We will have extras available.

Lista de empaque - Español

Packing List - Spanish

Restricciones Dietéticas - Español

Dietary Restrictions - Spanish

Conway School District

For Additional Information click on the links below to send an email

Renee Bowzer - Medications or other Health Questions

Mrs. Hayes - Information about camp

Mr. Scheer - Information about camp

Angela - Information about costs