Texas Christian University

My investigacion:

  • The requirements of this university according to the class ranking are between 1650 and 1910 on the SAT, or between 25 and 30 on the ACT, and grades must be at least A's and B's.
  • Texas Christian University mascot is a horned frogs
  • The city fort worth population is 792,727
  • The requirements for my major are to play high school golf and out of school tournaments, getting low scores and saying contact with the coaches
  • TCU acceptance rate is 48.9% and it is also a privet school
  • TCU offers an art club
  • The freshman population is 1,936
  • The cost for semester is 50,940
  • My career path I'm taking to play golf if hopefully play in the LPGA
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The Spanish subjunctive

Noice the following examples:

creo que Luis va a Cartagena

I believe that luis is going to Colombia

Regla #1- Subordinate clause

There must always be subordinate clause followed by "que" for the subjunctive to be used without the "que" the infinitive or indicative should be used.

Regla #2- cambia el sujeto