East/Central Bristol Area Forum

Planning the future for youth in your area

East Bristol Area

Tuesday, March 11th, 6:30-8pm

The Barton Hill Settlement, 43 Ducie Road, Barton Hill Bristol BS50AX

Just to give young people the heads-up that a forum where YOUR views and issues are the most important is coming back to East Bristol in March this year

Last time the group that met were able to have a discussion about the Mayors planned budget that everyone had to listen to

This time there will be a NEW key agenda topic and a whole load of people who will want to know what you, the voices of the future think about the issues of the day

For more information contact me on jimmy.taylor@bristol.gov.uk or by phone on 07971039673


Area Forum program

6.30 - Welcome and Ice Breaker

Name and what they hope to get from the meeting (all present participate)

6.35 - 6.40 Set out the behaviours (ground rules) on flip chart

6.40 - 7.15 Group work on large paper questions about What needs to be looked it your neighbourhood?

7.15 – 7.25 Break for food

7.25 - 7.40 continue Group work exercise and feed back

7.40 - 8.00 Evaluation

Go round the group and find out if their needs / expectations have been met

8.15 - Future plans


Youth Forums offer young people the chance to make contact with the people who need to know what you think before they make decisions about what will happen in this area
Don't be misunderstood, decisions WILL be made, its up to you if you choose to have a say in what is decided