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Working into FALL

The kids have continued to work hard as we prepare for our Fall Conferences. We are taking Benchmark Assessments, reflecting on our progress, and establishing goals for the future. If you haven't visited our sign-up genius page to schedule our conference, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Our Videoconference

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Our First Videoconference Was A Success

Wednesday, Nov. 13th 2013 at 12:45pm

2280 Sugar Bottom Rd

Furlong, PA

The Challenger Learning Center, thanks to technology, brings its innovative programs to distant classrooms around the world through its electronic distance-learning programs, known as e-Missions. The CLC flies more than 800 e-Missions for schools, many located in traditionally underserved districts, each year. Yesterday, we participated in our first e-Lab with an Electricty Simulation. After some instruction, the kids were given access to a virtual simulation of a power board. They used different materials to create a series circuit and a parallel circuit. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I will look for more of these opportunities in the future.


I wanted to taka a moment to thank you for sharing your children with me. They are the sweetest, most thoughtful group of kids I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are ALWAYS eager to learn, happy to share, and willing to try something new. They make me smile all day long and I know this is a reflection of their homes. So, thank you!!

Thanks to our Volunteers at our Halloween Party

Our first party was an incredible success thanks to all of our volunteers that mad it possible. The kids enjoyed some snacks, guessed items in a basket, guessed who was who in halloween pictures, dressed one another as scarecrows and made goodie bags to donate unwanted candy. We all had a great time! Thank you!

Golden Spoon Winners in September

Our class won the Golden Spoon Award in the cafeteria last month. We were given some free time with Mr. Cochran. He taught them how to play Pictionary. The kids had a great time!

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