Lets have some fun!

First stop

Our first stop will be seeking the assembly. At the assembly there was a Council of 500 that met everyday. They suggested new laws. The assembly meets every 10 days. They debated and voted on laws proposed by the council.

Second Stop

Our second will be stopping at the Parthenon. The Parthenon had a magnificent statue of Athena that stood 30 feet high. It honored the Gods and Goddesses. They are above everyone.

Third Stop

Our third stop will be at the Agora. At the Agora men gathered to discuss the world around them. They talked about nature, trading ideas about what the natural world wasnmade of and how it worked.

Fourth Stop

Our fourth stop we will be heading to the theater. Going to theater was a regular part of Athenian Life. Men were the only actors. Females could not be in any sort of plays. The actors wore mask to express their emotion.

Fifth Stop

Our fifth stop will be stopping at the temple of Delphi. This temple was dedicated to the god Apollo. People could ask Apollo questions through a priestess who was called the oracle of Delphi.

Sixth Stop

Our sixth stop will be at a sculpture. The Greek sculptors made the statues so realistic. It would show more detailed muscles, hair and clothing.

Last Stop

Our last stop will be at a farm. Farming wasn't easy in the mountainous land they had. IN the plains and valleys, the land was rocky.