Talon Talk

Volume 4 Issue 2

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Welcome to Talon Talk!

Welcome to the HMS weekly newsletter! In this newsletter, you will find information about things going on at our school as well as what's coming up. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our newsletter, please feel free to contact us!
Talon Talk 8/31

💻 Info for Virtual Learners

If your virtual learning is anything like our in person learning, we are excited to be back, but are still getting into the swing of things. We want you to know that's ok! We have assigned academic advisors to each virtual student to aid with navigating this unchartered territory. This week you can expect to hear from them so you know who is assigned to your student.

Please check the Virtual Learning Plan link to see information from each teacher. Google Classroom will have individual assignments and information for your student as well.

One other task we would like our virtual students to complete this week is the iReady Diagnostic Test. This lets us know where your student is and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Username: first initial last name four digit birthday

EX: afennewald1123

Password: four digit birthday

EX: 1123

📚 Info for In-Person Learners

Afternoon snacks are provided for free to every student every afternoon. For example, a snack might include a soft pretzel, cheese stick, chocolate graham crackers, yogurt, and water bottle. We encourage your student to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Students are also welcome to bring water bottles to class. Until our water bottle filling stations are installed, students may get extra water upon request from the office.

2019-2020 Yearbooks

As with many things at the end of the school year last year, our yearbook did not go as planned. Yearbook students were not able to access the software needed to complete the yearbook. Work has resumed and we hope this process will be complete soon with the yearbooks arriving sometime in October.

Please take and send pictures at any events for this year’s yearbook. These photos can be submitted to our yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Ewing, at cewing@holdenschools.org.

📣 Staff Spotlight 📣

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