By the people and for the people

Brief History

Algeria was invaded and captured by France in 1830, and after the Algerian war for independence declared itself independent on July 5, 1962.


The Algerian war for independence began as a rural uprising in the Aures Mountains in 1954, shortly after another urban uprising began in Algiers. Fighting began with a few hundred men using a small assortment of hunting rifles, and by 1957 had evolved to a organized fighting force of more than 40,000 soldiers. French forces withdrew in June of 1962, and Algeria declared itself independent on July 5 1962.

Current Situation

Mokhtar Belmokhtar may be alive even though several reports by Chadian troops have reported him dead. Belmokhtar is one of the most significant al-Qaeda leaders in Northern Africa. He is said to be the presumed mastermind behind a hostage-taking at an Algerian gas plant.

Current Leader

Abdelaziz Bouteflika is a Algerian politician who is currently serving as the 5th president of Algeria since 1999. As of November 2012 he is currently the longest serving president.

Famous People

Cheb Mami - Singer-song writer from Algeria who who created his own genre known as Rai by fusing blues funk salsa reggae and hip hop with Algerian rhythms.

Mohammed Khadda - Painter and sculptor who is one of the founders of contemporary Algerian painting. Influenced by cubism and Algerian calligraphy.

Things to Visit

The Maqam Echahid is a concrete monument commemorating the Algerian war for independence and is located in the capital city of Algiers.

Constantine is capital of the Constantine province in north eastern Algeria. It is often called the "city of bridges" because of the bridges connecting the mountains the city is built on.

Ethnic Groups

Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Turks are some of the ethnic groups that make up Algeria. Berbers and Arabs make up over 90% of the population in Algeria.