WW-P HS South EdTech Bulletin #3

Resources for Integrating Technology into Instruction

September 30, 2016

Google Classroom Follow Up

In the last edtech bulletin, we asked for feedback about the different features and classroom uses of Google Classroom. Here are some points of clarification (scroll to "Pirate Talk" section to read what GREAT things our teachers are saying about Google Classroom!):

  • Google Classroom is a great way to provide feedback to students! Teachers can comment within an assigned Google doc, leave private feedback on a student assignment, or post a comment for the entire class.
  • Our Genesis grade book is not inherently connected to Google Classroom. Working smarter, not harder, leave the grades in Genesis and utilize Classroom for feedback. No need to post twice!
  • Post to multiple classes at the same time by selecting the class dropdown menu on a new post. Just be careful about editing. Unfortunately, posts are NOT linked. If you need to edit the post, you will need to individually edit in each Classroom.
  • Strategically use the About tab to post important material and utilize the Topics tag for posts in your Stream to help stay organized.

New this week!

Resources for Back to School Night

This week's bulletin is geared toward our upcoming Back to School Night 2016. Make the most out of your 10 minutes with parents, while augmenting your presentation with some technology tools! Jess and I hope you'll find the ideas below helpful. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to explore these tools together! In the meantime, enjoy the 3-day weekend!


Pirate Talk

What our teachers are saying...

The feedback on Google Classroom has been GREAT! Check out what some of our teachers are saying about their favorite things about Google Classroom...
  • No paper clutter!
  • I don't have to carry around stacks of paper to grade!
  • Efficient!
  • No lost papers excuses!
  • Organization!
  • Immediately reaching my students!
  • I can interact with the kids and their work beyond the classroom!
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate!
  • Students can respond to each other in a moderated way!

We LOVE Google Classroom!

Kim Lowden

Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology

Supporting teachers integrating technology into instruction

I can support your technology integration by:

  • Collaboratively planning lessons and units
  • Exploring new tools or updates
  • Integrating technology into existing lessons
  • Team teaching, assisting, modeling with classes or departments
  • Peer coaching
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting instructional issues
  • Creating and sharing resources

Kindly send me an email or Google Hangout, and we will work out a time that fits with your schedule to meet 1:1, with your department, or a small cohort. You can view my calendar here: http://bit.ly/KLcalendar