Volcanic Eruptions

Describe pyroclastic material and lava flows.

What is pyroclastic material?

Pyroclastic material is a fragments of rock that form during a volcanic eruption. Pyroclastic material is felsic magma more viscous that is made out of silicon and feldspar and has more trapped gases. The color of the magma is lighter.

Classified Mafic Lava Types

There are three basic types of mafic lava. The pahoehoe, aa, and blocky lava. Pahoehoe is mafic lava that is less viscous type of mafic lava. It forms a wrinkly volcanic rock when it cools down. The Aa lava is more viscous and forms sharp volcanic rock when it cools down. Blocky lava is the most viscous type of mafic lava and forms chunky volcanic rock when it cools down

Types of Mafic Lava

Lava Flows

Types Of Volcanoes

There are three types of volcanoes. The three types of volcanoes are shield volcanoes, cinder cones and composite volcanoes. Some are violent and the others are quiet eruptions.